Football gambling brings good luck according to this passionate-about-life HR manager

Derya Ibrahim is a HR manager at a health care service providing company. Derya has been buying stocks for a while and he says that soon enough if he makes enough money, he will start investing in the new startups and his greatest inspiration is not Warren Buffet but Ram Shri Ram, one of the investors at Google Inc.

Derya says that he owes his grandfather more for raising him up well than he does to his parents. Derya also likes to joke about his grandfather. He makes fun about how his grandfather used to make fun of the old people that wore woolen caps only to wear one himself after he crossed the age 70.

Derya loves to investigate political conspiracies and he claims that the only real terrorist state is Sudan, rest of the terrorist organizations are either funded by the USA or Russia in order to defame Islam and the Muslims. Derya claims that the truth will soon be uncovered in front of the eyes of the people and the governments of the USA and the Russia are going to regret their evil deeds that day.

Derya claims that the airliner carrying 264 Nigerian Haj pilgrims in the year 1991 crashing was the part of a major conspiracy against the nation of Saudi Arabia and Derya has been finding proofs which he will upload on his own website and on the Youtube to prove his claim.

Derya also claims that defaming Venezuela and its chiefs is a part of the conspiracy of the United States in order to steal all the Venezuelan oil. Derya says that most people understand these conspiracies and most people are not fools as the USA thinks but they are scared about their lives.

Derya also believes that calling gambling evil is a part of the agenda of the governments and the religions so that the people don’t become rich. Derya claims that betting on football gambling websites has always brought him great fortune and that’s the reason why the Hindus also bet during the festival of Diwali. Derya says that he knows about each and every trusted football gambling agent (Agen Judi Bola) that is out there.

Raised up to be a strict Catholic, Noam loves online cock fighting

Noam Bode is a wealthy businessman who owns a company that is involved in manufacturing doorbells and another company that manufactures and sells storage devices like desktop internet hard disk and micro SD cards.

Noam grew up in a strict catholic household. Noam’s mother died in a road accident when he was only 3 and he was raised up by his parental grandparents and his father. Noah’s father and grandparents were very much against the co-education from the very beginning and when it was time for Noam to enter into the 9th grade, they sent him to study at Salesanium School – An Independent school for boys located in Wilmington, Delaware. Noam wanted to study in a co-education school very badly, so badly that he started smoking and drinking secretly to relieve his stress and depression.

Noam says that those that talk about god all the time aren’t aware a bit of what god really is. Noam says that the only ones that can experience or have known some of what god is like are the ones that don’t fall into the category of atheists, apatheists, pantheists, theists, etc.

Noam started his career as an Analyst at a Multinational Bank. It was a long journey for him to rise up to being a multi-millionaire and Noam says that even though he is so much experienced now, he still makes silly mistakes like losing hundreds of thousands of money with Twitter ads. Noam lost hundreds of thousands of dollars with Twitter ads in the year 2017 and it all happened when Noam started believing that he is an expert at marketing now. Noam now is used to saying that pride comes before the fall and even though he doesn’t completely agree with the bible, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars with Twitter ads really made him believe somewhat in the same.

Noam speaks Indonesian language fluently and one of the best things about having a command in the language according to Noam is enjoying sabung ayam online.

Her family brought about a revolution in the Indian food industry of Indonesia and she cannot get enough of FUN88

Natalia Nguyen’s family brought about a revolution in the Indian food industry in Indonesia when they became the first company in Indonesia to manufacture Chapati Making Machine, Semi-Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Dough Bell Making Machine, Automatic Chaki Making Machine and Automatic Chapati Making Machine. The family business has been doing great and even better than the family expected since the day of its inception and the family has never been so happy together ever before.

Natalia also owns a couple of independent businesses. Natalia used to own one of the largest spammy link farms in the early 2000s and she currently owns one of the largest online furniture stores.

Natalia loves to recall the trip that she once made to the New York City once when she was still a teenager and her dad was curious about the roof top bars all the time during their time there.

Natalia’s current boyfriend whom Natalia has been dating for over past 3 years owns a company which he likes to keep so private that he never tells anybody what it is all about. Natalia doubts that he runs a customized silverware business but she is still not sure about the same. He is the one who told Natalia about FUN88 Alternatif which Natalia has got addicted to ever since she touched it.

Natalia claims that there is not a single healthy human being that doesn’t fart 4-5 times a day. Natalia says that all those that claim they don’t fart at least 4-5 times a day are either fasting or are liars.

Natalia has been watching the Mechanic Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer’s videos for a while and she claims that she is certain that he is an Uber Cab agent. Natalia claims that Scotty Kilmer appreciates Toyota and Lexus all the time and Honda sometimes as a part of a larger promotion package. Natalia believes that Scotty’s ultimate aim is to promote Uber cabs and not to promote Toyota or Lexus or even Honda or Acura.

Online Gambling freak buys low and sells high

Brian Dettling inherited millions of dollars from his parents when they both died. Brian doesn’t believe in doing any business in the current tough economy of the USA. All that Brian does is he buys vintage and used cars for low price and sell those for at least double the price that he bought those for. He also buys real estate at low price and sell the same at high price.

Brian recently sold a 1931 Bentley 8 Litre for 500, 000 USD to a Casino owner. Although Brian knows almost every casino owner in the USA, he himself likes to bet only on Judi Online.

Brian claims that he already knew that FJ Cruiser will be hugely in demand once Toyota stops its productions. Brian had 101 FJ Cruisers standing at his different garages on the day they stopped production of the FJ Cruiser, he has already sold 2 of those for double the price that he bought those for. He says that he will not compromise at all when it comes to the price and will not sell the same for anything lesser than double the price, he expects to sell all the remaining ones by the end of the financial year 2022.

One third of Brian’s cousins are engineers, one third are lawyers and the rest are in medical field, thanks to the hard work of Brian’s parents, he only completed high school and lives a better life than any of his cousins.

Brian is a health freak as well and he claims that there is a cure for the diabetes in Ancient Arabic medicine.

Brian hears voices occasionally, he doubts and fears that it is a ghost whispering in his ears and although an atheist, he starts praying at the time he hears those whispers.

Nature is smarter than you think and Bingo has made more millionaires than you think as well

Ridhima Duggal is an Indian-American who owns a laptop retail store in Miami, Florida. Ridhima claims to have lost more money with HP Pavilion series than any other product she ever sold at her store.

Ridhima recently traveled to India after decades. Ridhima noticed worst things that she never witnessed before ever in India on this trip. Ridhima noticed that there are hundreds of thousands of fake doctors currently operating in the Indian subcontinent and nobody is there to keep a check on them.

Ridhima is very open-minded and she is not ashamed to admit that the Indians that work hard want the whole world to appreciate it. Ridhima claims that the Indians are not used to hard work and they never worked as hard in the history of mankind before. Ridhima says that due to their ambition, the Indians have started working extremely hard and although they are working hard, they are not able to keep relaxed and calm like their western counterparts doing that and they want the whole world to come to their knees and worship them because they worked so hard and if you don’t believe Ridhima, then take a look at the Silicon Valley, you will comprehend what she is trying to convey. Ridhima says that almost everybody in big cities of India is extremely rude, mean and arrogant just because they are pushing all their limits to reach to the level of the elite and after getting disappointed, they become rude, mean and arrogant.

Ridhima claims that the nature doesn’t consider anything as good or evil and that’s the reason why Ridhima is very often found betting on Bingo with PayPal.

Winning a lottery turned this atheist health freak into a religious one

Jane Jones was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but she has been living in the Oklahoma city for the past few years. Jane is a total health freak and this should be evident from the fact that she frequents gym 12 hours a week and has her own health blog as well.

Jane claims that eating Cherimoya fruit all the time makes you fat and unhealthy but it gives you psychic abilities as well but Jane would personally prefer staying healthy and slender than having psychic capabilities and so would most of us.

Jane claims that she suffered with excessive gas problem in the past which was cured by her regular fasting.

Jane also claims that the Keto diet is a conspiracy by the governments and health institutions to lower the IQ of the common people. Jane says that they should stop calling Keto diet an adequate protein diet which it is clearly not. Jane claims that diary and nut industries are a great stakeholder in the Keto diet business and it is clearly evident. Jane receives a lot of comments on blog post when she wrote “Keto Diet – High fat food will burn your body fat along with your health, inner organs and brain cells.”

Jane has surveyed many epileptic kids and there is one thing common among them all and that is that their bodies haven’t been growing like regular kids anymore like it once did. Jane believes that the treatment being given to these kids for the past 2 decades and the diet prescribed to them is responsible for the same.

Jane never believed in god until recently when she wanted to accumulate funds to start her own gym and she prayed to the god to show her a way so that she can have a gym of her own – God appeared to her in her dream and told her that if she buys a OK lottery, she will get all the funds required to start her own gym in the Oklahoma city which she did the very next day and really won enough money to start her own gym. She has been going to the Sunday Church ever since then.

Engineer, blogger and conspiracy theorist successfully replaced his porn addiction with Bola88

Lucas Jardel is a senior consultant at an IT services company. Lucas runs a conspiracy theories blog and his blog is one of the Alexa’s top 100, 000 in terms of the traffic and it has a great visitor retention rate as well.

Lucas claims that he has a secret hidden meaning when he says that two swords cannot exist within a single Dhal (a Persian sword container) but one hammer and one sword most definitely can.

Lucas believes that each and every space agency across the world without any exception has been telling us lies or half-truths. Lucas believes that the truth will prevail and the reality will soon come in front of everyone’s eyes.

Lucas claims that the rocket scientists are skeptical that there are heaven and hell but they are not telling anyone about it.

Lucas claims that the ancient Greeks between the 7th and 5th century were working on several different things including space missions until a new generation of sex-addicts and alcoholics took over the nation of Greece.

Lucas believes that animal rights and human rights don’t go together and the ones advocating the animals rights are either out of their minds or doing it for the publicity. Lucas regularly advocates on his blog to boycott these animal rights activists.

Lucas claims that Arnold Schopenhauer was a suicide motivator and if you love your near and dear ones then do your best to keep them away from Arnold Schopenhauer’s writings and philosophy.

Lucas claims that the most infamous Prime Minister of England of all times – Winston Churchill only used to envy two people in his life – Josef Stalin and Henry Ford.

Lucas is very regular to betting on Bola88 websites and he can be found betting on Bola88 usually during the midnight. Lucas also successfully replaced his porn addiction with Bola88 addiction.

Fernando sells toys online and offline but bets only online

Fernando Flores owns a toy retail store in the Downtown area of Austin, Texas. Fernando also sells his toys online and he claims that more and more parents now prefer to buy toys online for their kids than ever before. He claims that more parents than ever before are also giving preference to the toys that enhance creativity and concentration power in the kids.

Fernando believes that the reason why more parents than ever before now prefer to buy toys online is to save themselves from the tantrums of their kids at the toy store. Fernando has the first-hand experience about this and he says that almost 45% of the kids cry and scream at his store for more toys.

Fernando claims that he only sells high quality toys at the cheapest prices possible and if he cannot sell them at the cheapest prices, he doesn’t sell those at all. Fernando claims that he sells the cheapest both at his brick and mortar store and his eBay store. Fernando also claims that he always acts very personable and also provides custom services both online and offline.

Fernando’s dream is to become the next Mattel.

Fernando always keeps working on reducing his sleep hours and he also believes in the law of attraction. Fernando claims that on the days when he is very eager to make money and rise up to the top, both his online and offline stores receive huge sales.

Fernando claims that on the days when he feels extremely ambitious, he also wins a lot of money with Poker Online. But Fernando says that he fails to feel ambitious on most of the days and feels lethargic mostly. Fernando has tried several different diets and other things to turn himself from a lazy-ass wanker to a hyperactive ambitious guy.

Female Entrepreneur has 14 bank accounts out of which 2 are completely dedicated to her online betting adventures

Ruth Booth started her career as an ABAP developer for a multinational corporation but now she owns a company of her own that provides Business Process Outsourcing Services.

Ruth has over 14 different bank accounts and you will perhaps be surprised to know that out of these 14 bank accounts, she has dedicated 2 bank accounts completely dedicated to her online gambling addiction. One of these 2 accounts is being used only for her Betist adventures for the past few months. Ruth has completely fallen in love with the game called Betist and she is proud to be a betist herself.

Ruth also struggled to become a full-time popular Youtuber back in 2017 only to find out that Youtubing is not about the quality of the videos or content anymore but your success on Youtube completely depends upon how good are you at marketing yourself. Ruth was the first one to create a video about the blackmailer that tried to blackmail one of the Ford family members with a sex video only to get caught by the police the next day. The quality of the video was beyond great but still Ruth’s video didn’t get as popular as the popular Youtubers that copied Ruth’s video and told the tale in their dull and energy-less voices.

Ruth along with her mechanical engineer friends has been trying to create disposable diesel engines that will have to be replaced after 160 days or 6000 square miles, whichever occurs sooner. Ruth says that she came up with the idea after she learnt that millions of people across the world cannot afford a new car and the engines of their previous car have died. Ruth says that she doesn’t like to see anyone traveling through a cab unless they are a tourist or don’t have a driving license and to combat the situation, she has been working on this idea that she came up with.

SEO Agency owner claims he made more dough betting than he did selling stuff on eBay and Amazon combined

Imran Shafi is a graphic designer at a major online clothing store. Imran also co-founded a SEO agency about an year ago with one of his best friends whom Imran has been friends with since the school days.

Although involved in SEO industry for over a long one year, Imran claims that SEO, Internet Marketing and Adwords have definitely become something overrated.

Imran says that he is going to create a short Youtube movie soon enough inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky but the main difference will be that the Rocky Balboa of this short movie will start from the bottom of the SEO world and ultimately reach the top in a short time. The story will be about a guy that starts as an extremely low-paid freelancer providing Social Media Marketing services and ends up becoming the founder of the most successful Social Media website in the history of the internet.

Imran has tried selling on both eBay and Amazon in the past and he claims that Amazon has a lower click-to-convert ratio than eBay. Imran says that it is also a lot more fun selling on eBay than on Amazon. Those were the days when Imran couldn’t get enough of betting on Celtabet. Imran says that his betting addiction really came in his way of selling on both eBay and Amazon but Imran couldn’t care less because he made more money winning bets than he could selling stuff on eBay and Amazon combined.

Imran discourages people from using long-tail search keywords on his blog. He claims that the long-tail keywords aren’t as useful as they once used to be.

Imran says that if anybody tells you that one-third of the clicks on the Adwords are fraudulent then the person either has very vague knowledge about the Adwords or it has been long since they last used Adwords. Imran says that the Google has really done a marvelous job in terms of combating the fraudulent clicks and they don’t account for more than 1/10th of the total clicks on a Google Adwords advertisement on an average anymore.