Jules Allegrova used to be an assistant manager at a furniture retail chain company until she had her lucky day when she won 2.2 Million Euros with a single bet on an online casino website which she learnt about from a Casino Forum.

Jules has a habit of always keeping a black briefcase along with her and with the money she recently won, she didn’t decide to buy a Lamborghini although she says that her heart starts palpitating whenever she sees a Lamborghini passing by. Forget about a Lamborghini, Jules didn’t even buy a European car with the 2.2 million that she won. Jules believes that the European cars are not a sufficient bang for buck anymore and she instead decided to buy a Kia like most nouveau rich women of her city.

Jules used to be a high school Chemistry teacher before her jobas an assistant manager at a furniture retail chain. Jules has many interesting things to say about Chemistry including that binary solutions must be taught to the kids of the 9th grade as she believes that they are very easy to learn and the kids of 9th grade can easily learn about those.

Jules lived in Lebanon and Jordan for a while where she noticed that the students of even 9th and 10th grade are not even aware of the term ‘Binary Solutions’.

Jules says that contrary to the popular belief that Chemistry is a very boring and difficult subject, it is rather a very fun and interesting one.

Jules believes that there is nothing as unchangeable as the laws of the chemical combinations.

Jules always finds it amusing that the ratio of the chemists that believe in god is far higher than the physicists that believe in god.