Nicole Astashkina studied Bionomy as a hobby only to regret it later. Nicole says that Bionomy is a useless form of a study that is trying to be the jack of all trades but is an expert at none. Nicole has told her friends that were also interested in learning the Bionomy to stay away from the same and learn a new language or something else instead.

Nicole has been addicted to the online casinos that offer casino bonus for a while and it has only proved to be good for her as she recently saved up enough money with her casino wins to gift her loving Russian husband his dream bike – a Ducati Multistrada 1200S.

Several of Nicole’s friends are from the Middle-East and other Asian countries. Nicole says that the level of education at the Middle-Eastern and Asian countries’s most reputed colleges except that in Japan is lower than those of the non-reputed colleges of USA, Australia and Europe.

Nicole has been studying different religions for quite a while and Nicole has several interesting things to say about different religions of the world. Nicole claims that Phosphate is the god’s most favorite chemical compound and whoever respects and appreciates it, he/she lives a very successful life in the world and he lives a life of great joy in the afterlife as well.

Nicole claims that the promised land told to Moses was Mongolia and not the Israel. Nicole claims that the Jews wouldn’t have gone through any sort of diaspora or such sufferings if they understood that the real location of the promised land. Nicole says that the Jews will have to leave the Israel again and they will keep on going through sufferings if they don’t do anything about settling down in the Mongolia.