Olga Periera is a 58 year old automobile enthusiast who cannot stop missing the time when power windows in a car were considered a luxury. Olga recently bought a JDM car with the money she won betting on a trusted poker website (Situs Poker Terpercaya)

Olga regrets her decision of buying a JDM car in Brazil. Olga says that the JDM cars are literally meant to be driven in Japan just like the name suggests.

Olga is of the opinion that lesser emissions equal lesser driving pleasure and anybody who tells you the opposite is a liar or have no experience about the automobiles. Olga says that the same goes in terms of both the motorcycles and the cars. Olga has ridden both Japanese and American motorcycles, and according to Olga, the Japanese bikes have no chance against their American counterparts in terms of fun of driving.

Olga says that a Bentley in Brazil today is what a Cadillac used to be like in the 1970s. Olga says that nobody gives you a second look if you are driving the most expensive BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Jaguar, you need at least a Maserati, Bentley or Aston Martin for the people to give you that special attention.

Although Olga is an automobile enthusiast herself, she says that buying anything above an executive saloon is a waste of money and you should buy anything above an executive saloon if you have tons of money and your heart beats for a specific car.

Olga says that headlamps of cars shouldn’t cost as much as they do. She says that the ‘truly expensive’ cost of the cars’s headlamps in the word’s truest sense is an act of conspiracy to extort as much money out of the customer’s pocket as possible.