Eda Mangel is a writer herself and her husband – Donald is a musician. Eda has been involved in ceramic tile business as well for the past couple of years as well.

Eda claims that Walmart along with many others including Sears hate Facebook and Google Maps because they have been noticing that people prefer local stores and the personal human touch that they provide over the big brand feeling of Walmart and Sears. Eda says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the Walmart, Sears and many other similar brands pretend to be different local small grocery and department stores in the near future to keep the hold of their business in the industry.

Along with being a musician, Donald is a blogger as well. Donald says that his most favorite young rapper is Rockie Fresh and according to Donald, Rockie Fresh is the most underrated mainstream musician of the current times.

Donald says that if he gets the chance to sip a coffee with some personality, it wouldn’t be some musician, but the late President of India – APJ Abdul Kalam Azad.

Donald claims that although the variety of food has definitely increased in the past few decades, the quality of the food across the world has gone down.

Donald claims that he has the secret information that after drive-by McDonalds, we are expected to see McDonalds van all across the North America including Canada, USA and Mexico.

Donald has lived in many different states of USA all his life. Donald says that the post-war styled motorcycles are very common in Texas and some parts of the Florida but they are very rare in the state of California. Donald has a passion for the post-war styled motorcycles himself and he couldn’t refrain himself from buying one after he won 15000 USD with a trusted Sakong online agent (agen sakong online).