Gala Angsakul is a circus owner with a degree in economics. Gala says that her dream is to have a management school of herself one day.

Gala’s mother is an astrologer and her father was a fruits and vegetables wholesaler.

Gala is such a big fan of the Lenovo laptops that she has a special online fan blog and forum for the Lenovo laptops where she answers all the questions regarding the Lenovo laptops. The website doesn’t have any pay-per-click or affiliate programs running on it. It is a 100% volunteer website.

Gala claims that if Lenovo improves the build quality of its laptops, they will be capable of outperforming their rivals in every field.

Gala is an ardent car lover and this can be learnt from the fact that she met her husband at a car exhibition.

Gala owns nothing but SUVs. She says that best performing SUVs cost a lot lesser in Asia than the best performing sedans, the opposite is the case in the west.

Gala claims that Hyundai has been planning to become the next Canon secretly. By Canon, Gala means that Hyundai has been planning to create its monopoly in the car industry.

Gala herself drives nothing but Toyota or Honda but likes to call herself a BMW fangirl. Gala says that she buys only Honda or Toyota because she doesn’t like to spend a fortune to get her car fixed.

Gala studied Biomechanics as a hobby for a while but found it to be an absolute baloney after studying it.

Gala claims that most of the Biodimatology is complete bullshit but her husband doesn’t agree.

Gala’s husband presently has just one hobby and that is betting on lsm99. He has won over 700 bets yet with lsm99 and he is loving it.