June Cretu was born to a beautician and like almost every other baby girl born into a middle-class family, she had some aspirations. June really lived up to her aspirations and today she is the owner of a factory unit that manufactures industrial ribbon blenders, conical blenders, double cone blenders, octagonal blenders, jacketed blenders and ball mills.

June created a website about 10 months ago for her business and she had to spend 15000 USD to get the same to the top of the Google. June came across several people that were telling her that they never spent a dime on the optimization of their website but it still appears on the top of the Google for some of the most competitive keywords. June warns against such people and says that people like these can prove to be fatal for any hard-working business. June claims that 75% of the orders that her factory has been receiving have been coming from her website only since it started appearing on the top of some of the most competitive keywords.

June has been studying the Indian history and politics for quite a while and she has come to several of her own personal conclusions after studying a lot of it. June claims that the real player behind the 1984 riots and emergency that happened in India was the Indian politician – Narsimha Roy. June claims that the CIA provided Narsimha Roy with the money and an assurance of making him the next Prime Minister of India which Narsimha Roy hopped on.

June has been dating this wholesaler guy for a while who aspires to be a factory owner like June one day and he is very open about it to June. June wants to help him but he is not willing to take any help from anybody else.

This boyfriend of June is an online gambling pro and his favorite online gambling game is Klasemen liga 1.