Sheryl Boyer is a dazzling Youtuber from the city of Santiago, Chile. Sheryl’s Youtube career was on the verge of coming to an end after she got addicted to a poor lifestyle including alcohol and junk food. The main reason why the viewers visit Sheryl is her fantastic looks and she really lost that due to her poor lifestyle and addictions. The only good addiction that she had back then was that to scr888 malaysia which she carries to date.

Sheryl creates videos about almost everything but for the past few months, her videos are mostly about the cars and automobile industry.

Sheryl says that looking at the ever-rising sales of the Ford India for the past few years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Ford India becomes the new Maruti Suzuki (the company responsible for selling the largest number of cars in India for over past 3 decades).

Once Sheryl made a video about a hidden secret ambitions of Iran. Sheryl claimed that the government of Iran wants to start a state-owned automobile company whose cars will only be available with green color and will be for sale only in the Islamic countries including both Shia and Sunni majority nations.

Another time Sheryl said that the General Motors has committed several grave mistakes in the past and now it is time when they need to pay for those. Sheryl says that the GM took customer’s hard-earned money for granted all this time and now its the time when the customer is going to repay them.

Sheryl is the daughter of a taxi driver turned trucking company owner father and a homemaker mother. Sheryl says that she looks upon her parents as her greatest heroes.