Andy Pooler started her career as a growth manager at a software services company and today she owns a software company of herself.

Andy lived in India for a while and she is highly critical of the Indians, their culture, tradition and narrow-mindedness. She says that the narrow-mindedness and disparity in India still persists as it did back in the pre-colonial era. She also hated the way the Indians make so much of noise while eating.

Andy is highly critical of most parents around the world as well and she claims that over 40% of the parents around the world are tyrants in one way or another and the percentage can be up to 95% in some specific countries including India.

Andy lived in Pakistan as well for 3 months and there she noticed that over 5% of the Pakistani families still have 14 kids or more.

Andy is a democrat herself but she hates the Social Security Benefits.

Last week, Andy bought herself a new toaster with the money she won with gambling online (Judi Online). Andy says that she has had enough of buying new stuff like air fryers and toasters, now she wants to buy herself a luxury car with the money she wins with online gambling.

Andy’s one and only brother – Roger is a great believer in chastity. He sold his business and gave all that money to Andy because his business gave him a lot of stress which in turn made him lusty and want to give up on his vow of chastity. He has been doing odd jobs in order to make a living since then. It is with his money only that Andy started her own software company.