Adriana Rahi started her luxury women’s clothing brand by setting up the first store at Portsmouth, Dominica in the year 2007 and she has not looked back ever since.

Adriana even thought about having her own VIP men’s lounge once.

Although Adriana is one of the richest women on the Island of Dominica, she refrains from upgrading her car. She believes that the car makers are extorting their customers by offering upgradation that is utterly useless unless if that is what you really searched for. Adriana blames Hyundai and KIA for making this happen along with the German luxury car manufacturers.

Adriana lived in India for a long while and she hates the vibe that the entire country has to offer. Adriana says that if it weren’t for business, she would not stay for one second. Adriana’s only good friend while she was there in India used to be the game of จีคลับออนไลน์

Adriana says that Indians still suffer from the slave complex. She says that they haven’t yet been able to come out of the nostalgia of being slaves. Adriana says that they first used to fear the Mughals, then the British and now the distinguished local men and women. Adriana says that the distinguished men and women are literally worshiped as gods by most in India.

Adriana was the one to sponsor the study that discovered that taller people are less interested in Coca-Cola or Pepsi but more interested in energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, 5-hour energy and others. Adriana says that the only reason her clothing brand survives is because she conducted this study which really helped boost her brand.

Adriana says that the brand Red Bull got so much impressed by this study sponsored by Adriana that they offered her husband 6 million USD to have an elevator shaped and painted like a Red Bull can in his shopping mall which her husband was more delighted to do.