Imran Shafi is a graphic designer at a major online clothing store. Imran also co-founded a SEO agency about an year ago with one of his best friends whom Imran has been friends with since the school days.

Although involved in SEO industry for over a long one year, Imran claims that SEO, Internet Marketing and Adwords have definitely become something overrated.

Imran says that he is going to create a short Youtube movie soon enough inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky but the main difference will be that the Rocky Balboa of this short movie will start from the bottom of the SEO world and ultimately reach the top in a short time. The story will be about a guy that starts as an extremely low-paid freelancer providing Social Media Marketing services and ends up becoming the founder of the most successful Social Media website in the history of the internet.

Imran has tried selling on both eBay and Amazon in the past and he claims that Amazon has a lower click-to-convert ratio than eBay. Imran says that it is also a lot more fun selling on eBay than on Amazon. Those were the days when Imran couldn’t get enough of betting on situs togel terpercaya. Imran says that his betting addiction really came in his way of selling on both eBay and Amazon but Imran couldn’t care less because he made more money winning bets than he could selling stuff on eBay and Amazon combined.

Imran discourages people from using long-tail search keywords on his blog. He claims that the long-tail keywords aren’t as useful as they once used to be.

Imran says that if anybody tells you that one-third of the clicks on the Adwords are fraudulent then the person either has very vague knowledge about the Adwords or it has been long since they last used Adwords. Imran says that the Google has really done a marvelous job in terms of combating the fraudulent clicks and they don’t account for more than 1/10th of the total clicks on a Google Adwords advertisement on an average anymore.