Ruth Booth started her career as an ABAP developer for a multinational corporation but now she owns a company of her own that provides Business Process Outsourcing Services.

Ruth has over 14 different bank accounts and you will perhaps be surprised to know that out of these 14 bank accounts, she has dedicated 2 bank accounts completely dedicated to her online gambling addiction. One of these 2 accounts is being used only for her Betist adventures for the past few months. Ruth has completely fallen in love with the game called Betist and she is proud to be a betist herself.

Ruth also struggled to become a full-time popular Youtuber back in 2017 only to find out that Youtubing is not about the quality of the videos or content anymore but your success on Youtube completely depends upon how good are you at marketing yourself. Ruth was the first one to create a video about the blackmailer that tried to blackmail one of the Ford family members with a sex video only to get caught by the police the next day. The quality of the video was beyond great but still Ruth’s video didn’t get as popular as the popular Youtubers that copied Ruth’s video and told the tale in their dull and energy-less voices.

Ruth along with her mechanical engineer friends has been trying to create disposable diesel engines that will have to be replaced after 160 days or 6000 square miles, whichever occurs sooner. Ruth says that she came up with the idea after she learnt that millions of people across the world cannot afford a new car and the engines of their previous car have died. Ruth says that she doesn’t like to see anyone traveling through a cab unless they are a tourist or don’t have a driving license and to combat the situation, she has been working on this idea that she came up with.