Fernando Flores owns a toy retail store in the Downtown area of Austin, Texas. Fernando also sells his toys online and he claims that more and more parents now prefer to buy toys online for their kids than ever before. He claims that more parents than ever before are also giving preference to the toys that enhance creativity and concentration power in the kids.

Fernando believes that the reason why more parents than ever before now prefer to buy toys online is to save themselves from the tantrums of their kids at the toy store. Fernando has the first-hand experience about this and he says that almost 45% of the kids cry and scream at his store for more toys.

Fernando claims that he only sells high quality toys at the cheapest prices possible and if he cannot sell them at the cheapest prices, he doesn’t sell those at all. Fernando claims that he sells the cheapest both at his brick and mortar store and his eBay store. Fernando also claims that he always acts very personable and also provides custom services both online and offline.

Fernando’s dream is to become the next Mattel.

Fernando always keeps working on reducing his sleep hours and he also believes in the law of attraction. Fernando claims that on the days when he is very eager to make money and rise up to the top, both his online and offline stores receive huge sales.

Fernando claims that on the days when he feels extremely ambitious, he also wins a lot of money with Mariobet. But Fernando says that he fails to feel ambitious on most of the days and feels lethargic mostly. Fernando has tried several different diets and other things to turn himself from a lazy-ass wanker to a hyperactive ambitious guy.