Jane Jones was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but she has been living in the Oklahoma city for the past few years. Jane is a total health freak and this should be evident from the fact that she frequents gym 12 hours a week and has her own health blog as well.

Jane claims that eating Cherimoya fruit all the time makes you fat and unhealthy but it gives you psychic abilities as well but Jane would personally prefer staying healthy and slender than having psychic capabilities and so would most of us.

Jane claims that she suffered with excessive gas problem in the past which was cured by her regular fasting.

Jane also claims that the Keto diet is a conspiracy by the governments and health institutions to lower the IQ of the common people. Jane says that they should stop calling Keto diet an adequate protein diet which it is clearly not. Jane claims that diary and nut industries are a great stakeholder in the Keto diet business and it is clearly evident. Jane receives a lot of comments on blog post when she wrote “Keto Diet – High fat food will burn your body fat along with your health, inner organs and brain cells.”

Jane has surveyed many epileptic kids and there is one thing common among them all and that is that their bodies haven’t been growing like regular kids anymore like it once did. Jane believes that the treatment being given to these kids for the past 2 decades and the diet prescribed to them is responsible for the same.

Jane never believed in god until recently when she wanted to accumulate funds to start her own gym and she prayed to the god to show her a way so that she can have a gym of her own – God appeared to her in her dream and told her that if she buys a OK lottery, she will get all the funds required to start her own gym in the Oklahoma city which she did the very next day and really won enough money to start her own gym. She has been going to the Sunday Church ever since then.