Ridhima Duggal is an Indian-American who owns a laptop retail store in Miami, Florida. Ridhima claims to have lost more money with HP Pavilion series than any other product she ever sold at her store.

Ridhima recently traveled to India after decades. Ridhima noticed worst things that she never witnessed before ever in India on this trip. Ridhima noticed that there are hundreds of thousands of fake doctors currently operating in the Indian subcontinent and nobody is there to keep a check on them.

Ridhima is very open-minded and she is not ashamed to admit that the Indians that work hard want the whole world to appreciate it. Ridhima claims that the Indians are not used to hard work and they never worked as hard in the history of mankind before. Ridhima says that due to their ambition, the Indians have started working extremely hard and although they are working hard, they are not able to keep relaxed and calm like their western counterparts doing that and they want the whole world to come to their knees and worship them because they worked so hard and if you don’t believe Ridhima, then take a look at the Silicon Valley, you will comprehend what she is trying to convey. Ridhima says that almost everybody in big cities of India is extremely rude, mean and arrogant just because they are pushing all their limits to reach to the level of the elite and after getting disappointed, they become rude, mean and arrogant.

Ridhima claims that the nature doesn’t consider anything as good or evil and that’s the reason why Ridhima is very often found betting on Bingo with PayPal.