Natalia Nguyen’s family brought about a revolution in the Indian food industry in Indonesia when they became the first company in Indonesia to manufacture Chapati Making Machine, Semi-Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Dough Bell Making Machine, Automatic Chaki Making Machine and Automatic Chapati Making Machine. The family business has been doing great and even better than the family expected since the day of its inception and the family has never been so happy together ever before.

Natalia also owns a couple of independent businesses. Natalia used to own one of the largest spammy link farms in the early 2000s and she currently owns one of the largest online furniture stores.

Natalia loves to recall the trip that she once made to the New York City once when she was still a teenager and her dad was curious about the roof top bars all the time during their time there.

Natalia’s current boyfriend whom Natalia has been dating for over past 3 years owns a company which he likes to keep so private that he never tells anybody what it is all about. Natalia doubts that he runs a customized silverware business but she is still not sure about the same. He is the one who told Natalia about FUN88 Alternatif which Natalia has got addicted to ever since she touched it.

Natalia claims that there is not a single healthy human being that doesn’t fart 4-5 times a day. Natalia says that all those that claim they don’t fart at least 4-5 times a day are either fasting or are liars.

Natalia has been watching the Mechanic Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer’s videos for a while and she claims that she is certain that he is an Uber Cab agent. Natalia claims that Scotty Kilmer appreciates Toyota and Lexus all the time and Honda sometimes as a part of a larger promotion package. Natalia believes that Scotty’s ultimate aim is to promote Uber cabs and not to promote Toyota or Lexus or even Honda or Acura.