Derya Ibrahim is a HR manager at a health care service providing company. Derya has been buying stocks for a while and he says that soon enough if he makes enough money, he will start investing in the new startups and his greatest inspiration is not Warren Buffet but Ram Shri Ram, one of the investors at Google Inc.

Derya says that he owes his grandfather more for raising him up well than he does to his parents. Derya also likes to joke about his grandfather. He makes fun about how his grandfather used to make fun of the old people that wore woolen caps only to wear one himself after he crossed the age 70.

Derya loves to investigate political conspiracies and he claims that the only real terrorist state is Sudan, rest of the terrorist organizations are either funded by the USA or Russia in order to defame Islam and the Muslims. Derya claims that the truth will soon be uncovered in front of the eyes of the people and the governments of the USA and the Russia are going to regret their evil deeds that day.

Derya claims that the airliner carrying 264 Nigerian Haj pilgrims in the year 1991 crashing was the part of a major conspiracy against the nation of Saudi Arabia and Derya has been finding proofs which he will upload on his own website and on the Youtube to prove his claim.

Derya also claims that defaming Venezuela and its chiefs is a part of the conspiracy of the United States in order to steal all the Venezuelan oil. Derya says that most people understand these conspiracies and most people are not fools as the USA thinks but they are scared about their lives.

Derya also believes that calling gambling evil is a part of the agenda of the governments and the religions so that the people don’t become rich. Derya claims that betting on football gambling websites has always brought him great fortune and that’s the reason why the Hindus also bet during the festival of Diwali. Derya says that he knows about each and every trusted football gambling agent (Agen Judi Bola) that is out there.