Rosa Munj imports cars from Alibaba, labels those with her own brand name and sells the same nationwide through eBay. Before finding this business, Rosa used to be an Assistant GM for Administrative Support department at Amazon Inc.

Rosa decided to enter the car industry because cars are her greatest passion after gambling. Rosa’s most favorite gambling website is qq288 and her favorite car maker is Mercedes.

Rosa says that if you are confused about which color to choose for the car that you are going to buy then go with the black and you cannot go wrong.

Rosa claims that Jaguar Land Rover (also known as JLR) was always notorious for its unreliability and since the takeover by the Indian company Tata – one of the most unreliable car maker of India, JLR has reached unprecedented levels of unreliability and the day is not far when JLR will be history.

Rosa claims that most of the Questions and Answers on most of the auto magazines are fake and intended for the agenda of sales for the brands that bribe these magazines to write such articles.

Rosa has studied the Indian auto industry very well and she claims that road presence, fuel efficiency and resale value, if your car has these 3 qualities then the success of your car is guaranteed on the Indian subcontinent. Rosa claims that 95% of the vehicles sold in India possess all these 3 qualities.

Rosa believes that airbags are the most overrated safety feature ever and they hardly help in case of an accident. Rosa claims that curtain airbags can sometimes be responsible for more danger than not having any airbag at all. Rosa says that the greatest gimmick in the history of airbags yet is Volvo’s pedestrian airbag.