Shirley Phogat used to be the head of the administrative support operations department head until she recently created a chat service aimed for gamers exclusively. Shirley claims that the real inspiration for creating this chat/messenger service was Slackchat and Discord. Shirley says that she aims to surpass both Slackchat and Discord in terms of number of the users and activity.

Shirley’s favorite subject in the school used to Chemistry and she is notorious for making blunt statements that attract a lot of controversies about the subject. Shirley claims that ancient Indians used to have a distinct formula to create chalk but the Brits made them forget the same soon after they invaded their country.

Shirley claims that semen can turn into precious crystals when it is stored for centuries. Shirley says that she has been working on finding a solution that will be able to turn semen into precious crystals almost instantly. Shirley says that she has been making the best use of her boyfriend’s semen since she started off on this journey. Shirley has been dating this devout Muslim who only wears green or black clothes on the occasion of Jumma (Friday).

Shirley has also always been interested in history. Shirley claims that the historians have deliberately chosen to bury the history of the Middle-East, especially the modern day Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar for their agenda. Shirley claims that this part of the world has always had a very rich history which could even surpass the Indian subcontinent and the greatest proof of this is the city of Petra.

Shirley is not a Jew but she celebrates her Sabbath with betting on credit deposits (judi pulsa online).