Spencer Das is a very outspoken talent agency owner and operator from Los Angeles who claims that he is so much addicted to running a talent agency that he would prefer operating his talent agency for lesser than a minimum wage. Spencer claims that he would rather prefer to be a talented talent agent like he is over becoming a dictator of any country in the world.

Spencer says that most talent agency owners (himself excluded) have gone rude and disrespectful recently because of the scolding that they keep on receiving and hearing in different forms all the time from the disappointed so-called talents as the number of the wannabe actors are increasing, especially the ones that don’t even deserve to be C-grade movie actors but think very highly of themselves.

Spencer advises to the youngsters seeking a talent agency for themselves that they should never sign up for a talent agency that doesn’t have a good-looking and functioning website.

Spencer doesn’t understand the recently popularized concept of off-screen talent agencies. Spencer believes that all those that have been running off-screen talent agencies are committing a great blunder.

Spencer claims that the talent agencies that claim you only need to pay when you work are either run by scammers or fools. Spencer says that no talent agency in the modern times can survive this way, let alone thrive.

Spencer believes that like in case of any other business or profession, the actors must also focus on one skill at a time.

Spencer enjoys betting on s128 in the spare time and he says that it is his most favorite pastime which is also responsible for making him thousands of dollars.