Darren McMahon is a juice bar owner who has been working on creating a side-effect free alternative to rogaine. Dareen believes that if successful, the product will be able to make him a billionaire within a matter of months if not weeks. Darren says that the product will be shampoo friendly and can be included in the shampoos as well.

Darren is the brother of a prolific and innovative entrepreneur who was also featured in the popular show – Shark Tank.

Darren is addicted to the motivational videos on the Youtube and he claims that Arnold Schwazernager is a liar. He claims that all his motivational talks are full of lies and when asked for the proof, he says “What more proof do you need than him being a politician?”

Darren believes in evolutionary process and he also believes that with evolution we definitely gain more but lose some of our qualities as well. Darren believes that there is no such thing as a totally normal human being and we all lack in something. What’s important according to Darren is that we must stay true to ourselves.

Darren has studied different religions including Hinduism and he claims that in Hinduism thee is a mention of atoms and molecules. He claims that the atoms represent the holy trinity and the molecules represent the evil, according to Hindu religion.

Darren keeps experimenting with calcium and he has successfully created different solutions of calcium till date.

There was a time when Darren used to sell boxing gloves on eBay, he delivered those himself, while selling those, he noticed that the boxing gloves are extremely popular with the black community. Since his days as an eBay seller, Darren has been addicted to online gambling and his most favorite gambling website is tgl hk.