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Oncologist from Songkhia celebrates each birthday of her with a game of Baccarat

Jocelyn Nguyen is an Oncologist from the city of Songkhia in the Songkhia province of Thailand. Jocelyn is extremely outspoken about the cancer treatment, medical science, oncology and related stuff.

Jocelyn says on her blog that a cancer patient should not settle for anything lesser than the best if he/she can afford it as it may cost him/her their life which is more precious than any of the currencies ever created and once lost cannot come back.

Jocelyn recently got aware of the fact that more and more people from the Eastern European nations have been choosing the Island of Malta and Gozo for getting treated for their cancer which according to Jocelyn is one of the greatest blunders that a cancer patient can make as the number of patients in the Island of Malta and Gozo is always higher than they can treat and also the quality of doctors is not that good as compared to other developed European nations like Italy, Germany, France, England and Scandinavian nations.

Jocelyn claims women who travel a lot during their pregnancy have a higher chance of becoming a victim of cancer in the later years. Jocelyn says that the spouses of these women should do whatever it takes from stopping them from traveling while they are pregnant for their own good only.

Jocelyn claims that Chile and Mexico are better than Canada when it comes to the cancer treatment and she feels really sorry for the citizens of Chile and Mexico that travel all the way to Canada to get treated for cancer believing that Canada is better in this regard just because it is an English speaking country with a higher GDP per capita.

It is Jocelyn’s birthday today and like always she is going to celebrate it with a game of Baccarat (บาคาร่า)

Shaving supply wholesaler turned manufacturer is pro-online gambling and encourages everyone to indulge heavily in the same

Clara Than used to be a wholesaler of shaving supplies which she sold on Amazon, eBay and other websites until she found her own company that manufactures a wide variety of shaving supplies which is quite rare for a woman.

Clara uses only internet for the marketing and promotion of her brand and her most favorite way of gaining popularity for her brand is blogging. Clara writes almost about everything on her blog, from online gambling (먹튀) to traveling and conspiracy theories as well.

Clara recently traveled to India and Pakistan for business where she noticed that eating at McDonalds is considered a luxury in India and Pakistan. Clara claims that eating at the KFC or Subway is even considered a greater luxury there and surprisingly enough, the KFC sells it cheaper in Pakistan than the McDonalds while the scenario is quite the opposite in India.

Clara predicts that the cinema industry is reaching the day of its funeral at a very rapid pace and soon enough there will not be a cinema industry anymore. Clara claims that the mainstream movie industry mafia around the world will itself be responsible for its funeral as they have long ago stopped focusing on the quality and content of the movies and have been putting all their focus and concentration on the promotion and publicity of the movies. Clara predicts that first the remained up movie industry by 2030 will be eaten by the free access to pirate sites and others. Clara predicts that many of the so-called movie stars will be forced to work as full-time Youtubers, many will start some full-time small and big businesses, some will start working at 9-5 jobs and some will even commit suicide.

Songdo-dong’s Architect may not have a big dong but he has Toto sites

Caton Nah owns a very popular architecture firm in the city of Songdo-dong responsible for creating over 1000 apartments and other buildings.

Caton named his first born son – Vitruvius after the Roman author, architect and engineer. Caton believes that he is the greatest fan of Vitruvius in this era and says that all his friends and family members get tired of his obsession with Vitruvius.

Caton is quite critical of the lack of passion amongst modern architects towards their profession. Caton claims that if not for the latest state-of-the-art-technology, the modern architecture would be good for nothing. Caton claims that the modern architects may create more aesthetic, functional and beautiful buildings but they definitely lack the heart and passion of the medieval and ancient architects.

Caton recently enjoyed a trip to the Island of Malta and Gozo after coming back from where he wrote on his blog that no other country has maintained Palazzos and their tradition like the Island of Malta and Gozo and these Palazzos are a part of what makes the Island of Malta and Gozo one of the most beautiful nations on earth.

Caton claims that his firm has been focused on providing the most creative designs without charging a fortune since the very day of its inception.

Currently, Caton’s company is working on a big project which Caton claims is going to be unique in the world as it will be a mixture of the Arab and Japanese architecture and give a glimpse of both at all times.

Caton says that he has been really fascinated with the Ancient Mayan architecture for a while and wishes to work on a project inspired by the Ancient Mayan architecture soon enough and till then he will use Toto sites (토토사이트) as a form of only entertainment for himself.

Popular cafe owner is proud of her coffee and her online gambling tactics

Maly Din owns the most popular cafe in her neighborhood and her cafe is also one of the most popular in the city it is situated in which is not a small thing as it is a metro city.

Maly doesn’t use any other tactic than blogging to popularize her cafe and her blog contains posts related to other things than the coffee as well.

Maly claims that her cafe is the most favorite location of several coffee lovers that settle for nothing but the best and she claims to serve the highest quality of coffee to the customers as well.

Maly claims that friendly staff sometimes matters more than the quality of the coffee and baked goods that the cafe serves and she thanks god that she has the best of all 3 at her cafe.

Maly has been considering replacing the single-stall public restrooms at her large cafe with the traditional ones and she has set a poll on her blog asking for responses as she might have to raise the prices of the coffee and other things that they serve in order to replace the current restrooms.

Maly claims that vegan and gluten free baked goods are more in trend than ever before and for that very reason they are considering manufacturing those at Maly’s cafe itself in order to serve the best of those at the best prices possible.

Maly says that she never trusts an Adword ad but always clicks on each and every that she finds. Maly has never used Adword for advertising his coffee shop and she is really proud of the same.

Maly is a gambling lover like most of the readers of this blog and she is always glad to introduce her friends to the most reliable football gambling agents around (Agen Bola).

Kanchanaburi’s ice cream queen is addicted to sbobet gambling and she brags about it

Achara Wion owns one of the most popular ice cream shops ion the city of Kanchanaburi in the province of Thailand with the same name. Achara’s ice cream shop serves over 60 different ice cream flavors and they are currently working on creating at least 30 delicious different ice cream flavors for the lactose intolerant.

The best selling ice cream at Achara’s ice cream shop surprisingly is fried chicken ice cream which is very unusual in Thailand but Achara’s ice cream shop really does it great which is the reason why the sales of their fried chicken ice cream has only grown over time.

Achara recently wrote on her blog that a huge variety of toppings and blends never mattered as much as it does now. Achara even once wrote on her blog that who would have thought that the White dominated western nations will one day be forced to have mostly Kosher products in their ice cream shops in order for them to survive and thrive.

Achara is also a political activist and she has a separate blog for her views about politics and the conspiracies that she smells across the world.

Achara says that it is funny how the liberals used to be overall wealthier on an average till the 1990s but it is the conservatives that are far wealthier than the liberals nowadays.

Achara claims that the current CEO of eBay is a sold out and he has been doing his best to destroy eBay since the day he joined it.

Achara claims that Abraham never went to Mecca and it is a myth created by the fake historians and religious experts in order for them to exploit people belonging to all the Abrahamic religions.

Achara doesn’t hesitate to tell the world that she has been addicted to gambling for long, especially sbobet (ทางเข้า sbobet ล่าสุด)

Yahweh showers good luck on those who bet on Live Casinos each Friday and Sunday

Beren Colak owns a successful accounting firm in Bandung City, Indonesia. Beren claims that they maintain the highest level and standard of professionalism in the business in the entire province of West Java.

Beren believes that the uniqueness of products and services doesn’t matter as much as their value for money in today’s tough economy and that’s the very reason why her firm believes in providing the best value for money services to both regular and new clientele.

Beren has a very popular blog on the official website of her very popular accounting firm where she posts more about the conspiracy theories than accounting.

Beren claims that the Yahweh himself appeared to her in a dream and told her that he will start talking to her regularly just like he did with all the Messiahs if she learns the Hebrew language. Beren has been learning Hebrew language through Youtube videos ever since and claims to have made a lot of progress within a short span of time.

Beren claims that the Yahweh has already appeared to her once again and told her that the Garden of Eden was located by the Rangous river in the nation called Tanzania. He also ordered her to bet on a Live Casino each Friday and Sunday and see Yahweh shower good luck on her.

Beren claims that the official language of the nation called Fiji still being English instead of the Fijian is the greatest proof that the nation called England still rules the world.

Beren loves to eat olives and whenever she gets complimented for her great skin, she attributes it to the olives that she regularly eats. Beren claims that the olives found in the African nation called Eritrea are the healthiest of them all.

Beren believes that the most overlooked growth in the industrial sector is in the chemical and pharma industry. Beren says that she smells some conspiracy in the case that they don’t glorify the growth of the chemical and pharma industry anywhere in the world.

Flop attorney from Bangkok city enjoyed a vacation to Macedonia with 99 step money

Niran Dejsuwan is a Bangkok based law firm owner who inherited a law firm from his grandfather founded by Niran’s great-grandfather. Niran sold out the law firm immediately after inheriting it and donated the money that came from it to different Catholic welfare organizations out of his generosity and self-respect.

After selling out the inherited law firm, Niran started practicing independently as a criminal attorney and within a matter of 8 years, rose up to hire over 100 attorneys at the law firm he founded just after one year of practicing independently.

Niran has a very beautiful, aesthetic and functional website where they also have a mailing list option for legal updates. Niran was very particular about a good-looking and functional website since the very beginning of finding his own law firm.

Niran, his wife and his kids are very proud of Niran. Niran’s wife also comes from a family of lawyers and justices. Her grandfather was a justice and her father and mother were lawyers.

Niran is very disappointed with the slowly progressing legal system all across the globe and he believes that the legal system and profession needs to be completely updated everywhere on earth. Nevertheless, Niran also claims that the role of law firms in development of a nation and its economy is underrated almost everywhere.

Niran used to be a marvelous basketball player in the school and so was his best friend who also chose legal profession as his destiny only to regret it later. This best friend of Niran used to argue a lot as a teenage boy and his inspiration to become a lawyer was that everyone told him that he could fulfill his hobby of arguing by becoming a lawyer and were they wrong? This best friend of Niran hasn’t got a case yet who is he going to argue with? This best friend of Niran recently enjoyed a trip to Macedonia with the money he won with บอลสเต็ป99 (99 steps)and he loved it.

Nationwide taxi service owner spends at least a couple of hours playing Toto

Jamie Chon is a South Korean from the city of Anyang. Jamie started off as a cab driver back in the late 1990s but today he owns a large fleet of taxis with offices in different cities of South Korea including Seoul, Busan and Changwon.

Jamie has a blog on the official website of his taxi service where he regularly makes posts about the auto industry and other things. For example, Jamie says that latest innovations, mostly the ones that took place after the financial year 2009 have taken away the joy of watching and participating in F1 racing.

Jamie believes that no matter what, McLaren will always be the king of Formula 1. Jamie says that all those bashing McLaren are either fools or paid to do so. Jamie goes to the extent of saying that all the surveys showing McLaren as the second most favorite or third most favorite of the F1 lovers are fake surveys.

Jamie says that gone are the days when German cars could be considered superior to their rivals just because they were made in Germany. Jamie says that nowadays the Japanese and American car makers are doing a much better job than their German counterparts and each time someone mentions to you that they are buying a car just because it was made in Germany or they are proud of the German technology in their car, just take them as a rookie.

Although Jamie is a critic of the German cars, she claims that Porsche Cayenne Turbo is an unparalleled 4×4 for the past 17 years.

Jamie loves himself a good game of Toto and this can be known from the fact that he spends at least a couple of hours per day on Toto websites (토토사이트)

Automobile lover entrepreneur from Thailand loves Baccarat as much as she loves controversies

Sanoh Koc owns a company that has been involved in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting car seat covers from Thailand to all over the world.

Sanoh is an automobile enthusiast to an extent that many cannot even comprehend what she finds so fascinating about the automobiles. Sanoh has three official websites for her business and each of the websites has a blog attached where only Sanoh is allowed to post and she doesn’t let anyone else post there. Sanoh is popular for making blunt statements on her blog and she doesn’t care whether she receives negative or positive comments for her posts there.

Sanoh has traveled around the world and she claims that in Mexico, Brazil, India and Pakistan, Big is greater than beautiful and it doesn’t matter how well of a fit, finish, design and other qualities your tiny car has, if it is huge in size then only it considered a value for money purchase. Sanoh says that the case is the worst in Mexico and India. Sanoh says that it is still acceptable to an extent for Mexico where the roads are wide though bumpy and the traffic is not that bad but in India the road traffic is so bad that the one who never visited the country cannot even imagine how bad it may sometimes get and in that bad traffic your car is supposed to be only big in size. Sanoh goes to an extent of saying that the Indians need a bigger brain not bigger cars.

When Sanoh is not busy expanding her business or making controversial and blunt posts on the official websites of her business, she is busy playing online baccarat (บาคาร่า).

Know the best-kept-secret of this Danish online gift baskets seller

Loki Svendsen sells gift baskets online and makes over 15000 Euros with the same per month. Well, Loki makes even more money with her best kept secret which I am sharing with you Her

Loki is an auto blogger along with being an entrepreneur and she doesn’t miss a chance to advertise and/or promote her gift baskets business on her auto blog.

Loki’s automotive blog is full of interesting and controversial posts. Loki says that it is funny that Hyundai’s diesel engines are more refined, practical and plush than their petrol engines. Loki says that Suzuki should stop buying diesel engines for their cars from Fiat and rather look Hyundai-wards for the same.

Loki says that Hyundai and KIA are the flagship of Korean talent, skill and intelligence and it looks like no other Korean brand is going to replace these 2 in terms of legacy in the coming 50 years to say the least.

Loki says that it is a shame that many of the Czech people that she met aren’t proud of their Skoda but would rather be seen driving a Japanese, American or German car.

Loki’s great-grandfather died at the age of 102. He used to believe that he was a Shaman and the Shamanic magic is real till the last day of his life. He always attributed his extravagant long lifespan to the Shamanic magic as well.

One of Loki’s college friends made love to his wife all the time using Mantak Chia’s sexual kung-fu practices only to catch testicular cancer after 11 months of doing so. He lost one of his balls and hundreds of thousands of dollars to it. He now eats aphrodisiacs all day long to get himself hard at night and many times even fails to get hard even after so much of an effort.

He is friends with the most trusted online gambling agent and he owns a wheel and rim business

Joshua Khan owns a wheel and rim business that mostly sells imported exotic wheels and rims.

Joshua is a blogger as well who is popular for writing and posting controversial posts. Joshua claims that the Muftis have been making feuds and trolling each other on the Youtube in order to gain attention, viewers and publicity. Joshua also says that Muftis have been divided into reliable and non-reliable Muftis nowadays.

Joshua claims that the justice system and the justices of the third-world countries are sold out and if you don’t believe him then just try doing a business in any third world country.

Joshua says that he wants to create a revolution in the world of automobile brakes. He says that he has already been working on creating the same. Joshua claims that this new technology if successful will stop the accidents by a great percentage.

Joshua doesn’t believe in birth control methods himself, he claims to be a pro-life himself but Joshua applauds the Skore condoms for hiring Chris Gayle – a black man with high stamina as their brand ambassador to convey their message in a conservative country like India that they have durable and huge condoms. Joshua really applauds the Skore company for the same.

Joshua claims that the pirates weren’t a happy people as they are depicted by the Hollywood movies but they were extremely melancholic people instead, he says. Joshua claims that all the Scandinavian people that he know are mostly found depressed for no reason and they also lack a good sense of humor.

Joshua recently wrote about how the Muslims consider Darwin to be more dangerous than all the terrorists and Non-Muslims combined. Joshua also wrote how all his Muslim friends and relatives consider his friendship with the most trusted gambling agent (agen bola terpercaya) to be evil and dangerous for his afterlife.