Joshua Khan owns a wheel and rim business that mostly sells imported exotic wheels and rims.

Joshua is a blogger as well who is popular for writing and posting controversial posts. Joshua claims that the Muftis have been making feuds and trolling each other on the Youtube in order to gain attention, viewers and publicity. Joshua also says that Muftis have been divided into reliable and non-reliable Muftis nowadays.

Joshua claims that the justice system and the justices of the third-world countries are sold out and if you don’t believe him then just try doing a business in any third world country.

Joshua says that he wants to create a revolution in the world of automobile brakes. He says that he has already been working on creating the same. Joshua claims that this new technology if successful will stop the accidents by a great percentage.

Joshua doesn’t believe in birth control methods himself, he claims to be a pro-life himself but Joshua applauds the Skore condoms for hiring Chris Gayle – a black man with high stamina as their brand ambassador to convey their message in a conservative country like India that they have durable and huge condoms. Joshua really applauds the Skore company for the same.

Joshua claims that the pirates weren’t a happy people as they are depicted by the Hollywood movies but they were extremely melancholic people instead, he says. Joshua claims that all the Scandinavian people that he know are mostly found depressed for no reason and they also lack a good sense of humor.

Joshua recently wrote about how the Muslims consider Darwin to be more dangerous than all the terrorists and Non-Muslims combined. Joshua also wrote how all his Muslim friends and relatives consider his friendship with the most trusted gambling agent (agen bola terpercaya) to be evil and dangerous for his afterlife.