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Loki is an auto blogger along with being an entrepreneur and she doesn’t miss a chance to advertise and/or promote her gift baskets business on her auto blog.

Loki’s automotive blog is full of interesting and controversial posts. Loki says that it is funny that Hyundai’s diesel engines are more refined, practical and plush than their petrol engines. Loki says that Suzuki should stop buying diesel engines for their cars from Fiat and rather look Hyundai-wards for the same.

Loki says that Hyundai and KIA are the flagship of Korean talent, skill and intelligence and it looks like no other Korean brand is going to replace these 2 in terms of legacy in the coming 50 years to say the least.

Loki says that it is a shame that many of the Czech people that she met aren’t proud of their Skoda but would rather be seen driving a Japanese, American or German car.

Loki’s great-grandfather died at the age of 102. He used to believe that he was a Shaman and the Shamanic magic is real till the last day of his life. He always attributed his extravagant long lifespan to the Shamanic magic as well.

One of Loki’s college friends made love to his wife all the time using Mantak Chia’s sexual kung-fu practices only to catch testicular cancer after 11 months of doing so. He lost one of his balls and hundreds of thousands of dollars to it. He now eats aphrodisiacs all day long to get himself hard at night and many times even fails to get hard even after so much of an effort.