Sanoh Koc owns a company that has been involved in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting car seat covers from Thailand to all over the world.

Sanoh is an automobile enthusiast to an extent that many cannot even comprehend what she finds so fascinating about the automobiles. Sanoh has three official websites for her business and each of the websites has a blog attached where only Sanoh is allowed to post and she doesn’t let anyone else post there. Sanoh is popular for making blunt statements on her blog and she doesn’t care whether she receives negative or positive comments for her posts there.

Sanoh has traveled around the world and she claims that in Mexico, Brazil, India and Pakistan, Big is greater than beautiful and it doesn’t matter how well of a fit, finish, design and other qualities your tiny car has, if it is huge in size then only it considered a value for money purchase. Sanoh says that the case is the worst in Mexico and India. Sanoh says that it is still acceptable to an extent for Mexico where the roads are wide though bumpy and the traffic is not that bad but in India the road traffic is so bad that the one who never visited the country cannot even imagine how bad it may sometimes get and in that bad traffic your car is supposed to be only big in size. Sanoh goes to an extent of saying that the Indians need a bigger brain not bigger cars.

When Sanoh is not busy expanding her business or making controversial and blunt posts on the official websites of her business, she is busy playing online baccarat (บาคาร่า).