Niran Dejsuwan is a Bangkok based law firm owner who inherited a law firm from his grandfather founded by Niran’s great-grandfather. Niran sold out the law firm immediately after inheriting it and donated the money that came from it to different Catholic welfare organizations out of his generosity and self-respect.

After selling out the inherited law firm, Niran started practicing independently as a criminal attorney and within a matter of 8 years, rose up to hire over 100 attorneys at the law firm he founded just after one year of practicing independently.

Niran has a very beautiful, aesthetic and functional website where they also have a mailing list option for legal updates. Niran was very particular about a good-looking and functional website since the very beginning of finding his own law firm.

Niran, his wife and his kids are very proud of Niran. Niran’s wife also comes from a family of lawyers and justices. Her grandfather was a justice and her father and mother were lawyers.

Niran is very disappointed with the slowly progressing legal system all across the globe and he believes that the legal system and profession needs to be completely updated everywhere on earth. Nevertheless, Niran also claims that the role of law firms in development of a nation and its economy is underrated almost everywhere.

Niran used to be a marvelous basketball player in the school and so was his best friend who also chose legal profession as his destiny only to regret it later. This best friend of Niran used to argue a lot as a teenage boy and his inspiration to become a lawyer was that everyone told him that he could fulfill his hobby of arguing by becoming a lawyer and were they wrong? This best friend of Niran hasn’t got a case yet who is he going to argue with? This best friend of Niran recently enjoyed a trip to Macedonia with the money he won with บอลสเต็ป99 (99 steps)and he loved it.