Achara Wion owns one of the most popular ice cream shops ion the city of Kanchanaburi in the province of Thailand with the same name. Achara’s ice cream shop serves over 60 different ice cream flavors and they are currently working on creating at least 30 delicious different ice cream flavors for the lactose intolerant.

The best selling ice cream at Achara’s ice cream shop surprisingly is fried chicken ice cream which is very unusual in Thailand but Achara’s ice cream shop really does it great which is the reason why the sales of their fried chicken ice cream has only grown over time.

Achara recently wrote on her blog that a huge variety of toppings and blends never mattered as much as it does now. Achara even once wrote on her blog that who would have thought that the White dominated western nations will one day be forced to have mostly Kosher products in their ice cream shops in order for them to survive and thrive.

Achara is also a political activist and she has a separate blog for her views about politics and the conspiracies that she smells across the world.

Achara says that it is funny how the liberals used to be overall wealthier on an average till the 1990s but it is the conservatives that are far wealthier than the liberals nowadays.

Achara claims that the current CEO of eBay is a sold out and he has been doing his best to destroy eBay since the day he joined it.

Achara claims that Abraham never went to Mecca and it is a myth created by the fake historians and religious experts in order for them to exploit people belonging to all the Abrahamic religions.

Achara doesn’t hesitate to tell the world that she has been addicted to gambling for long, especially sbobet (ทางเข้า sbobet ล่าสุด)