Beren Colak owns a successful accounting firm in Bandung City, Indonesia. Beren claims that they maintain the highest level and standard of professionalism in the business in the entire province of West Java.

Beren believes that the uniqueness of products and services doesn’t matter as much as their value for money in today’s tough economy and that’s the very reason why her firm believes in providing the best value for money services to both regular and new clientele.

Beren has a very popular blog on the official website of her very popular accounting firm where she posts more about the conspiracy theories than accounting.

Beren claims that the Yahweh himself appeared to her in a dream and told her that he will start talking to her regularly just like he did with all the Messiahs if she learns the Hebrew language. Beren has been learning Hebrew language through Youtube videos ever since and claims to have made a lot of progress within a short span of time.

Beren claims that the Yahweh has already appeared to her once again and told her that the Garden of Eden was located by the Rangous river in the nation called Tanzania. He also ordered her to bet on a Live Casino each Friday and Sunday and see Yahweh shower good luck on her.

Beren claims that the official language of the nation called Fiji still being English instead of the Fijian is the greatest proof that the nation called England still rules the world.

Beren loves to eat olives and whenever she gets complimented for her great skin, she attributes it to the olives that she regularly eats. Beren claims that the olives found in the African nation called Eritrea are the healthiest of them all.

Beren believes that the most overlooked growth in the industrial sector is in the chemical and pharma industry. Beren says that she smells some conspiracy in the case that they don’t glorify the growth of the chemical and pharma industry anywhere in the world.