Maly Din owns the most popular cafe in her neighborhood and her cafe is also one of the most popular in the city it is situated in which is not a small thing as it is a metro city.

Maly doesn’t use any other tactic than blogging to popularize her cafe and her blog contains posts related to other things than the coffee as well.

Maly claims that her cafe is the most favorite location of several coffee lovers that settle for nothing but the best and she claims to serve the highest quality of coffee to the customers as well.

Maly claims that friendly staff sometimes matters more than the quality of the coffee and baked goods that the cafe serves and she thanks god that she has the best of all 3 at her cafe.

Maly has been considering replacing the single-stall public restrooms at her large cafe with the traditional ones and she has set a poll on her blog asking for responses as she might have to raise the prices of the coffee and other things that they serve in order to replace the current restrooms.

Maly claims that vegan and gluten free baked goods are more in trend than ever before and for that very reason they are considering manufacturing those at Maly’s cafe itself in order to serve the best of those at the best prices possible.

Maly says that she never trusts an Adword ad but always clicks on each and every that she finds. Maly has never used Adword for advertising his coffee shop and she is really proud of the same.

Maly is a gambling lover like most of the readers of this blog and she is always glad to introduce her friends to the most reliable football gambling agents around (Agen Bola).