Caton Nah owns a very popular architecture firm in the city of Songdo-dong responsible for creating over 1000 apartments and other buildings.

Caton named his first born son – Vitruvius after the Roman author, architect and engineer. Caton believes that he is the greatest fan of Vitruvius in this era and says that all his friends and family members get tired of his obsession with Vitruvius.

Caton is quite critical of the lack of passion amongst modern architects towards their profession. Caton claims that if not for the latest state-of-the-art-technology, the modern architecture would be good for nothing. Caton claims that the modern architects may create more aesthetic, functional and beautiful buildings but they definitely lack the heart and passion of the medieval and ancient architects.

Caton recently enjoyed a trip to the Island of Malta and Gozo after coming back from where he wrote on his blog that no other country has maintained Palazzos and their tradition like the Island of Malta and Gozo and these Palazzos are a part of what makes the Island of Malta and Gozo one of the most beautiful nations on earth.

Caton claims that his firm has been focused on providing the most creative designs without charging a fortune since the very day of its inception.

Currently, Caton’s company is working on a big project which Caton claims is going to be unique in the world as it will be a mixture of the Arab and Japanese architecture and give a glimpse of both at all times.

Caton says that he has been really fascinated with the Ancient Mayan architecture for a while and wishes to work on a project inspired by the Ancient Mayan architecture soon enough and till then he will use Toto sites (토토사이트) as a form of only entertainment for himself.