Clara Than used to be a wholesaler of shaving supplies which she sold on Amazon, eBay and other websites until she found her own company that manufactures a wide variety of shaving supplies which is quite rare for a woman.

Clara uses only internet for the marketing and promotion of her brand and her most favorite way of gaining popularity for her brand is blogging. Clara writes almost about everything on her blog, from online gambling (먹튀) to traveling and conspiracy theories as well.

Clara recently traveled to India and Pakistan for business where she noticed that eating at McDonalds is considered a luxury in India and Pakistan. Clara claims that eating at the KFC or Subway is even considered a greater luxury there and surprisingly enough, the KFC sells it cheaper in Pakistan than the McDonalds while the scenario is quite the opposite in India.

Clara predicts that the cinema industry is reaching the day of its funeral at a very rapid pace and soon enough there will not be a cinema industry anymore. Clara claims that the mainstream movie industry mafia around the world will itself be responsible for its funeral as they have long ago stopped focusing on the quality and content of the movies and have been putting all their focus and concentration on the promotion and publicity of the movies. Clara predicts that first the remained up movie industry by 2030 will be eaten by the free access to pirate sites and others. Clara predicts that many of the so-called movie stars will be forced to work as full-time Youtubers, many will start some full-time small and big businesses, some will start working at 9-5 jobs and some will even commit suicide.