Jocelyn Nguyen is an Oncologist from the city of Songkhia in the Songkhia province of Thailand. Jocelyn is extremely outspoken about the cancer treatment, medical science, oncology and related stuff.

Jocelyn says on her blog that a cancer patient should not settle for anything lesser than the best if he/she can afford it as it may cost him/her their life which is more precious than any of the currencies ever created and once lost cannot come back.

Jocelyn recently got aware of the fact that more and more people from the Eastern European nations have been choosing the Island of Malta and Gozo for getting treated for their cancer which according to Jocelyn is one of the greatest blunders that a cancer patient can make as the number of patients in the Island of Malta and Gozo is always higher than they can treat and also the quality of doctors is not that good as compared to other developed European nations like Italy, Germany, France, England and Scandinavian nations.

Jocelyn claims women who travel a lot during their pregnancy have a higher chance of becoming a victim of cancer in the later years. Jocelyn says that the spouses of these women should do whatever it takes from stopping them from traveling while they are pregnant for their own good only.

Jocelyn claims that Chile and Mexico are better than Canada when it comes to the cancer treatment and she feels really sorry for the citizens of Chile and Mexico that travel all the way to Canada to get treated for cancer believing that Canada is better in this regard just because it is an English speaking country with a higher GDP per capita.

It is Jocelyn’s birthday today and like always she is going to celebrate it with a game of Baccarat (บาคาร่า)