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Auckland neurosurgeon of Indian origin is an online casino enthusiast

Dr Lucky Gill is a practicing neurosurgeon of Indian origin at a reputed hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. Dr Lucky is extremely outspoken and has a blog dedicated to brain health, neurosurgery and more.

On his blog, Dr Gill warns that you must not trust those Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors for your kyphoplasty, he claims that they don’t have any specialization in the field at all and if you consult them for a serious treatment like kyphoplasty, you are most likely to regret that decision of yours badly and it can very much cause to you a damage so serious and irreversible.

Dr Gill claims that the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons always make sure to extort the most out of the patient’s pockets. He tells that if your orthopedic who you don’t think is that expert but still trust him tells you to go through a treatment that is against any of the statements mentioned by the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, then blindly go with the advise of this trusted orthopedic doctor instead.

Along with being a medical enthusiast, Dr Gill is also a nzd online casinos, religion and history enthusiast.

Dr Gill claims that the Jews lost their specialty in the eyes of the Yahweh as the chosen ones the day they decided to have one king against the Yahweh’s will and hence the Jewish era can be divided into two parts – Pre-Saul era – when the Jews were really the chosen ones and Post-Saul era – when they lost the title of being the chosen ones in Yahweh’s eyes and heart.

Dr Gill also claims that Suleiman the Magnificent wanted to give all of the Holy Land to the Israelites but the Islamic preachers wouldn’t let him do the same and one even warned him privately of grave consequences.

Polyglot consultant only prefers online gambling in her own national language

Kyle Gog is a language enthusiast who owns and runs an advertisement and business promotion consultancy service business. Kyle also finds that learning different languages helps her business as well.

Kyle’s mother was a school principal and her father ran a clothing store that was so popular that it was perhaps the most popular landmark in the entire neighborhood that it was located in.

Kyle has three sisters including one identical twin. Kyle’s identical twin sister is a Reiki expert who is currently working at a major college that provides certification as well. She aims to have her own Reiki school within one year.

Kyle’s elder sister is an event game organizer who is not happy with her business at all.

Kyle’s youngest sister is a bakery owner.

Kyle recently completed learning the Hindi language and as she is a blogger as well, her first blog post after completing learning the language was in Hindi and about a Bollywood music composer whom she hates with all her heart, his name – Daboo Malik.

Kyle wrote that the prominent Bollywood movie and songwriter – Salim Khan never told Daboo that he was born to be a music composer. It is a story that Daboo made up by himself.

Kyle also wrote that Salim Khan has nothing to do with Daboo’s talent as Daboo has no talent in the first place. Kyle wrote that he claims that his meeting with Salim Khan gave him goosebumps and all that to impress Salim Khan and his sons in order to receive work from them.

Kyle also wrote that the claim by legendary Pakistani singer – Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who is no more with us that Daboo’s brother – Anu Malik copied his songs is absolutely true.

Kyle says that no matter how many languages she learns, she is going to bet only on Korean websites and here is the proof – 먹튀

Brazilian author is more like a conspiracy theorist with a passion for randy adventures

Sophia Fuentes is a Brazilian author from Porto Alegre who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of one of the most infamous English actors ever – Richard Burton.

In her book, Sophia writes that nobody can deny the fact that the foremost reason behind Richard’s alcoholism was his divorces and the foremost reason behind his divorces was his addiction to the alcohol.

Sophia sounds like a conspiracy theorist in most of her book, when she says that Richard Burton was an over-glorified actor and not due to his acting skills but because of his bad addictions, sexual escapades, broken marriages, alcoholism, etc. Sophia claims that the Illuminati wants us to see these guys being awarded and rewarded like no other so that we become dysfunctional like these fellows and they can get to control us very easily.

Sophia also claims that Sally Hay Burton was an Illuminati agent who married the aging and addicted Richard to slow poison him first and then ultimately kill him because the Illuminati was now scared of Richard telling everything. Sally adds that Richard Burton used to be one of their greatest puppets and now it was time for the Illuminati to get rid of him.

Sophia claims that Sally Hay Burton was paid AUD 50 Million by the Illuminati according to some sources to get rid of Richard Burton.

Sophia claims that working of Sally Hay Burton as a freelance production assistant on the set of the TV mini series Wagner was a scripted drama and they really succeeded at it like a piece of cake due to the dimwit of alcoholic victim – Richard Burton.

Sophia works as an escort in Porto Alegre (Acompanhantes Porto Alegre) whenever her husband is out on a business trip to satiate her needs and desires and her husband is well aware of it and he has no issues with it as he believes in keeping Sophia as much happy as possible.

Binh Au has some nice words to say for the Bitcoin Gambling Slots and many harsh words for Liu Xiang

Binh Au is a Vietnamese blogger from the Da Nang city who is also an avid researcher and lover of the Chinese history. Binh has left her full-time job and completely dedicated herself to blogging since she won ten billion Vietnamese Dong with Bitcoin Gambling Slots.

In one of her blog posts dedicated to Tao Yuanming – the ancient Chinese poet, Binh wrote that Tao Yuangming’s love for solitude made many people believe that he was a misanthrope. Binh says that anybody who has read most of the poems written by Tao Yuanming will tell you that he wasn’t a misanthrope at all but he was so passionate and in love with the solitude that he wouldn’t care about what it made others think of him.

Binh Au has always hated the Chinese poet – Liu Xiang and to an extent that she claims that if he weren’t a member of the Royal Dynasty, he would have been nothing. Binh Au goes to the extent of saying that Liu Xiang is definitely the most overrated poet and author from the ancient China. Binh Au also claims that soon enough they discover that Liu Xiang is wrongly credited with most of his other works just like they discovered that he was being wrongly credited for compiling the biographies of the immortals.

Binh Au also says that there is no denying that the son of Liu Xiang – Liu Xin was far more creative and visioned than his father.

Binh Au claims that after the 2nd century’s famous female poet – Zhuo Wenjun ran away with the poet Sima Xiangru to marry him only to find him cheating on her soon enough, the Chinese parents got extra vigilant about their daughters and sisters not eloping with anyone.

Internet Marketer from Medan won millions of Rupiahs within 6 months with PokerQQ

Arzu Rakim is an internet marketer from the city of Medan in Indonesia who believes that an average website will soon be costlier than the real estate and other precious corporeal things.

Arzu recently enjoyed a vacation on the Island of Malta and Gozo where she observed that the internet is as common in their rural areas as it is in their urban areas. Arzu was astonished to see many other great things including marvelous sightseeing in the Island of Malta and Gozo and believes that it is one of the most underrated tourist destination on planet earth if not the most.

Arzu says that there was a time when people used to flaunt how advance and modern have they become by showing that they use online banking but those days are long gone, she says that she really misses those days.

Arzu claims that although the CEO of Google – Sundar Pichai, is an extremely smart man, he has been making silly mistakes that can even end up turning Google into a history soon enough.

Arzu claims that Bing and Yahoo are so scared of Google that they have missed some really great opportunities that could have brought their past glory back.

Arzu claims that the Google is far more powerful than we think or know and so are its bosses that manage it. Arzu claims that the bosses at Google have infinite secret resources at their hand which nobody else knows about.

Arzu has been betting on pokerqq for the past 6 months now and claims to have won millions of Rupiahs within this short span.

British-Turkish author recommends betting on nothing but the most trusted live casinos

Amani James is an author who recently completed writing a book on Ali – Muhammad’s companion, son-in-law and cousin. I just completed reading Amani’s book and here are some of the excerpts from the same:-

Amani says that those Sunnis that disrespect Ali definitely do not know about Laylat al-Mabit when Ali impersonated Muhammad in order to save Muhammad’s life. Amani says that even after knowing about Laylat al-Mabit, they do insult Muhammad then they do not deserve to be called Muslims.

Amani claims that Muhammad was an extremely shy person and this can be learnt from the fact that he invited people to choose Islam secretly for the first 3 years. Amani claims that it was Ali who persuaded Muhammad to invite people publicly for Islam.

Amani says that the historians who claim that Ali was raised by Muhammad because his own father wasn’t well-off financially are totally wrong. Amani says that Muhammad had to raise Ali because Ali’s father died.

Amani claims that there are some people belonging to the Shia community that are encouraging the people belonging to the Hashmi tribe to convert into Shia telling them that Abu Talib was from Banu Hashim and hence you should all turn Shia. Amani claims that it is widely happening in Afghanistan, Iran and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan.

Amani says that they have banned celebrating Ali’s anniversary as Father’s day for Shias in India, Pakistan and many other countries because of the riots that took place in the past due to the same between Shias and Sunnis.

Amani’s blog is popular for Pro-Betting and Pro-Gambling posts, she recommends betting on nothing but the most trusted Live Casino.

British-Indonesian language school owner recently completed creating a documentary on Lata Mangeshkar after he got done compiling the list of trusted card gambling websites

Tim Peterson is a British-Indonesian who has been running his English and Spanish language school near the Mall of Indonesia in North Jakarta for over past 8 years now. Tim recently completed learning the Hindi language and one of the first things that he did with his newfound fluency in the Hindi language was to create a documentary on the life of his most favorite Bollywood singer ever – Lata Mangeshkar.

In this documentary, Tim has mentioned that the Guinness Book of World Records has proven to be a fake time and again. Tim says that them mentioning the exaggerated number of the songs recorded by Lata Mangeshkar till date is just one example. Tim says that he can mention at least hundreds of records that they have mentioned that are clear phony. Tim says that one of the things that he aims to do by the end of the financial year 2019 is to create a documentary on the fake list by Guinness Book of World Records.

Tim has tried to learn a lot about the Indian culture and traditions as well and he is amazed to see the similarities among the three neighboring cultures as well as breeds there – the Marwaris, the Gujaratis and the Marathis. He says that there is a lot common between their dishes, traditions and other aspects which is quite amazing and perhaps nowhere else found in three neighboring communities of India.

Tim says that Lata Mangeshkar’s father dying due to a heart disease at a relatively young age proves how bad the Gujarati and Marathi diet is for the heart. Tim also has a minor heart disease and is prescribed by his doctor to bet on trusted online card gambling site (Situs permainan judi kartu online terpercaya) regularly if he doesn’t want it to grow any further which Tim has been following very obediently.

Toy store owner from Makassar, Indonesia loves online gambling

Trudy Joplin owns a very large and popular toy store in the city of Makassar, Indonesia where all the employees get a cut (commission) for the sales they are responsible than the salary.

On the official website of her toy business, Trudy claims that she has tried to train her staff not trying to upsell at all but it is something which is next to impossible to do when they are working for a cut and not a salary.

Trudy also claims that some toys for the poor foundations are complete scams. Trudy claims that these foundations pay their journalist friends some money to be featured in their articles and TV programs only to extort the generous common people, industrialists and millionaires off their money by telling fake tales about how hard they work to bring toys to the kids.

Trudy believes that it is the responsibility of the governments to interfere and do something about the toys not becoming pricey enough during the Christmas festival and other special occasions. Trudy claims that she has seen several parents literally crying at her store who couldn’t afford toys for their kids at her store.

Trudy recently saw the website of this foundation called “Toys for the Poor Foundation” and found it extremely offensive because in each of the pictures it were the black kids that were depicted as poor kids. Trudy says that if she were one of the government officials, she would take some action against it.

Trudy has been in love with this Situs judi sakong and she says that it looks like she is never going to get enough of it.

Boat Rental Agency owner from Bali loves AgenQQ and Italian Mafia

Frans Tikkanen owns a boat rental agency on the island of Bali. Frans loves everything that his religion prohibit be it AgenQQ or the love for Italian mafia.

Frans has been writing a book on the life and death of one of the most notorious and popular members of the Italian mafia of all times – Carmine Galante.

In his book, Frans claims that the mafia hitman and serial killer – Richard Kuklinski didn’t kill Carmine Galante but he claimed so because he loves to be in the limelight and as he already knew that he was going to be imprisoned for life and the claim that he was among the ones that kill Carmine Galante will make him feature a lot on the television channels and increase his popularity among the people of all kinds, especially his favorite – the criminals.

Frans has mentioned in his book that it wasn’t Carmine Galante in the movie – Donnie Brasco that smoked cigar all the time but it was rather someone else. Even though Frans has several things to back his claim up but the most prominent one that he uses is that Galante wasn’t a boss but rather an underboss and the cigar boss in the Donnie Brasco movie is referred to as ‘The Boss’ each time, even after his death. Frans says that it is the proof that ‘The Boss’ in the Donnie Brasco movie is most likely a completely fictional character.

Frans claims that Carmine Galante was never sent to the reform school due to his involvement in the criminal activities. It is a myth that he himself created that he was sent to a reform school when he was only 10 in order to scare his enemies off and create a badass image of himself.

Bali’s chocolate shop owner introduces a new flavor every month but bets on the same Bandar Bola each day

Amat Rovanio owns a very popular chocolate shop on the island of Bali, Indonesia. There is no denying that Amat Rovanio’s chocolate shop is extremely popular but what is even more popular is the blog that Amat has completely dedicated to the chocolate industry, chocolates and their future.

Amat claims that his shop has more unique to regular flavor ratio than any other chocolate shop in the world but still his shop is not as popular as it should have been. I personally thing Amat wants the whole world for what he has to offer, his chocolate shop is already very popular but he is really one of those who never feel satiated, no matter what.

Amat claims that people are getting more health conscious by the time and this can be known and proven by the fact that they order more chocolates that include nuts more than ever before and they do it compulsively, no matter whether they prefer that flavor the most or not, they still buy chocolates that contain the healthiest ingredients possible. Amat says that’s the reason why for the past couple of years, their whole focus has been on introducing new chocolates that contain nuts.

Amat says that it has been over a decade since his chocolate shop introduced 100% safe chocolates for the diabetics but unfortunately, most diabetics do not seem to trust those. Amat says that he thinks that more Non-Diabetic people buy chocolates for the diabetics than the diabetics themselves.

Amat has been betting on Bandar Bola for some years now to take his mind off the everyday problems and he says that while he is at it, he really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Dermatologist believes that UFAbet and dairy products are good for the health in moderation

Jennifer Popaz is a dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Pattaya, Bangkok for the past 12 years now. Within these 12 years, Jennifer claims to have evolved a lot and she loves to share the information that she has about the field of dermatology to the common people through her blog.

Jennifer has a sister named Lucia who has been practicing dermatology in the USA for the past 11 years now. Lucia says that it is funny how the Asian patients in the USA prefer Non-Asian doctors but the native ones have no problems with the Asian doctors at all. Lucia and Jennifer both agree on the point that they need to invent a term for this kind of racism.

Jennifer has studied all she could find on the subject of skin in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and she says that it is funny how they attribute a lot of skin health benefits to the dairy products in the east but a lot of skin related problems to the dairy products in the west. Jennifer says that she herself believes that the dairy products are good for the skin in strict moderation but very bad if taken in excess. Jennifer says that she has many vegan patients who do not intake any dairy product at all but seem to have more skin-related issues than their dairy-lover counterparts which speaks for itself that no intake of dairy products at all for the human beings is bad for their skin.

Jennifer is very upset with the law and order of her country and she claims that a fair trial and the courts of third-world countries do not go together. UFAbet seems to be the only escape for Jennifer from this dirty world and she hopes that one day before her death, she will be able to see her country Thailand as good Scandinavia in all respects.

Lester Munyon – An English Teacher got introduced to online gambling through a student of his

Lester Munyon owns a very popular English language school in the city of Medan in Indonesia. Lester says that his school is so great that some of the students that studied at his language school have founded their own schools and many of the learners that didn’t even go through the TEFL course are teaching at other schools.

Lester says that teaching is a very fun job, especially if you are teaching to the adult students belonging to the opposite gender. Lester is not ashamed to admit that he has dated many of his students in the past and one of his students was the one who introduced Lester to online gambling (Judi Online). Lester says that he cannot forget her smile to date and he always wishes the best for her no matter where she is now.

Lester believes that the evolution of the language schools is really something that they should make a documentary about. Lester claims that the language schools have really evolved at a pace unbelievable in the past 10 years and no reputed provides the same old boring style teaching anymore.

All the teachers at Lester’s school are female as he believes and bluntly admits that good-looking female teachers attract more students from both the genders.

Lester extended their TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) course from 120 to 160 hour recently.

Lester claims that some of the most popular Non-Native English speaking pornstars and small-time Hollywood actors also learnt English at his school which I personally find unbelievable as why would they come to Indonesia to learn the English language when there are thousands of those in the USA where they all work or operate.

Extremely smart AC repair contractor couldn’t save himself from getting cheated but fortunately a Messiah came to the rescue

Alex Mason is one of the most successful Air Conditioning Repair Contractors in the city of Miami in Florida. Alex Mason has always been of the belief that a great customer service is as important as a great repair service.

The most astonishing thing about Alex’s AC repair service is that they provide 7 years guarantee for all the parts that they install.

Although Alex is an extremely smart gentleman, even he got fooled and cheated by a Forex trading company a few months back only to teach that phony trading company a lesson by hiring one of the best Binary Options Recovery company ever that goes by the name Assured Recover. Assured Recover didn’t only get Alex’s money back but also sued that fake and phony Forex trading company so hard that they had to shut down their business.

Alex is blunt and bold enough to say that he cannot thank global warming enough for providing himself and his family a lavish living and he wonders how thankful the AC manufacturers can be to the global warming, Alex says that it is really beyond our imagination.

Alex claims that the percentage of his residential customers has risen a lot since the year 2016 while that of the commercial customers has remained stable.

Alex warns his blog visitors that they never ought to trust the AC repair companies/contractors/services that offer discounts way too regularly. Alex claims that they are either incapable or overcharging you.

Alex says that for any AC repair service, investing in technological advancement and/or gadgets helps more than anything else.

Alex predicts that the Taiwanese are going to have the monopoly in the AC manufacturing industry soon enough. Alex disagrees with those completely who believe that the Chinese are going to take over the AC manufacturing industry as well.