Alex Mason is one of the most successful Air Conditioning Repair Contractors in the city of Miami in Florida. Alex Mason has always been of the belief that a great customer service is as important as a great repair service.

The most astonishing thing about Alex’s AC repair service is that they provide 7 years guarantee for all the parts that they install.

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Alex is blunt and bold enough to say that he cannot thank global warming enough for providing himself and his family a lavish living and he wonders how thankful the AC manufacturers can be to the global warming, Alex says that it is really beyond our imagination.

Alex claims that the percentage of his residential customers has risen a lot since the year 2016 while that of the commercial customers has remained stable.

Alex warns his blog visitors that they never ought to trust the AC repair companies/contractors/services that offer discounts way too regularly. Alex claims that they are either incapable or overcharging you.

Alex says that for any AC repair service, investing in technological advancement and/or gadgets helps more than anything else.

Alex predicts that the Taiwanese are going to have the monopoly in the AC manufacturing industry soon enough. Alex disagrees with those completely who believe that the Chinese are going to take over the AC manufacturing industry as well.