Jennifer Popaz is a dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Pattaya, Bangkok for the past 12 years now. Within these 12 years, Jennifer claims to have evolved a lot and she loves to share the information that she has about the field of dermatology to the common people through her blog.

Jennifer has a sister named Lucia who has been practicing dermatology in the USA for the past 11 years now. Lucia says that it is funny how the Asian patients in the USA prefer Non-Asian doctors but the native ones have no problems with the Asian doctors at all. Lucia and Jennifer both agree on the point that they need to invent a term for this kind of racism.

Jennifer has studied all she could find on the subject of skin in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and she says that it is funny how they attribute a lot of skin health benefits to the dairy products in the east but a lot of skin related problems to the dairy products in the west. Jennifer says that she herself believes that the dairy products are good for the skin in strict moderation but very bad if taken in excess. Jennifer says that she has many vegan patients who do not intake any dairy product at all but seem to have more skin-related issues than their dairy-lover counterparts which speaks for itself that no intake of dairy products at all for the human beings is bad for their skin.

Jennifer is very upset with the law and order of her country and she claims that a fair trial and the courts of third-world countries do not go together. UFAbet seems to be the only escape for Jennifer from this dirty world and she hopes that one day before her death, she will be able to see her country Thailand as good Scandinavia in all respects.