Lester Munyon owns a very popular English language school in the city of Medan in Indonesia. Lester says that his school is so great that some of the students that studied at his language school have founded their own schools and many of the learners that didn’t even go through the TEFL course are teaching at other schools.

Lester says that teaching is a very fun job, especially if you are teaching to the adult students belonging to the opposite gender. Lester is not ashamed to admit that he has dated many of his students in the past and one of his students was the one who introduced Lester to online gambling (Judi Online). Lester says that he cannot forget her smile to date and he always wishes the best for her no matter where she is now.

Lester believes that the evolution of the language schools is really something that they should make a documentary about. Lester claims that the language schools have really evolved at a pace unbelievable in the past 10 years and no reputed provides the same old boring style teaching anymore.

All the teachers at Lester’s school are female as he believes and bluntly admits that good-looking female teachers attract more students from both the genders.

Lester extended their TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) course from 120 to 160 hour recently.

Lester claims that some of the most popular Non-Native English speaking pornstars and small-time Hollywood actors also learnt English at his school which I personally find unbelievable as why would they come to Indonesia to learn the English language when there are thousands of those in the USA where they all work or operate.