Amat Rovanio owns a very popular chocolate shop on the island of Bali, Indonesia. There is no denying that Amat Rovanio’s chocolate shop is extremely popular but what is even more popular is the blog that Amat has completely dedicated to the chocolate industry, chocolates and their future.

Amat claims that his shop has more unique to regular flavor ratio than any other chocolate shop in the world but still his shop is not as popular as it should have been. I personally thing Amat wants the whole world for what he has to offer, his chocolate shop is already very popular but he is really one of those who never feel satiated, no matter what.

Amat claims that people are getting more health conscious by the time and this can be known and proven by the fact that they order more chocolates that include nuts more than ever before and they do it compulsively, no matter whether they prefer that flavor the most or not, they still buy chocolates that contain the healthiest ingredients possible. Amat says that’s the reason why for the past couple of years, their whole focus has been on introducing new chocolates that contain nuts.

Amat says that it has been over a decade since his chocolate shop introduced 100% safe chocolates for the diabetics but unfortunately, most diabetics do not seem to trust those. Amat says that he thinks that more Non-Diabetic people buy chocolates for the diabetics than the diabetics themselves.

Amat has been betting on Bandar Bola for some years now to take his mind off the everyday problems and he says that while he is at it, he really couldn’t ask for anything more.