Frans Tikkanen owns a boat rental agency on the island of Bali. Frans loves everything that his religion prohibit be it AgenQQ or the love for Italian mafia.

Frans has been writing a book on the life and death of one of the most notorious and popular members of the Italian mafia of all times – Carmine Galante.

In his book, Frans claims that the mafia hitman and serial killer – Richard Kuklinski didn’t kill Carmine Galante but he claimed so because he loves to be in the limelight and as he already knew that he was going to be imprisoned for life and the claim that he was among the ones that kill Carmine Galante will make him feature a lot on the television channels and increase his popularity among the people of all kinds, especially his favorite – the criminals.

Frans has mentioned in his book that it wasn’t Carmine Galante in the movie – Donnie Brasco that smoked cigar all the time but it was rather someone else. Even though Frans has several things to back his claim up but the most prominent one that he uses is that Galante wasn’t a boss but rather an underboss and the cigar boss in the Donnie Brasco movie is referred to as ‘The Boss’ each time, even after his death. Frans says that it is the proof that ‘The Boss’ in the Donnie Brasco movie is most likely a completely fictional character.

Frans claims that Carmine Galante was never sent to the reform school due to his involvement in the criminal activities. It is a myth that he himself created that he was sent to a reform school when he was only 10 in order to scare his enemies off and create a badass image of himself.