Trudy Joplin owns a very large and popular toy store in the city of Makassar, Indonesia where all the employees get a cut (commission) for the sales they are responsible than the salary.

On the official website of her toy business, Trudy claims that she has tried to train her staff not trying to upsell at all but it is something which is next to impossible to do when they are working for a cut and not a salary.

Trudy also claims that some toys for the poor foundations are complete scams. Trudy claims that these foundations pay their journalist friends some money to be featured in their articles and TV programs only to extort the generous common people, industrialists and millionaires off their money by telling fake tales about how hard they work to bring toys to the kids.

Trudy believes that it is the responsibility of the governments to interfere and do something about the toys not becoming pricey enough during the Christmas festival and other special occasions. Trudy claims that she has seen several parents literally crying at her store who couldn’t afford toys for their kids at her store.

Trudy recently saw the website of this foundation called “Toys for the Poor Foundation” and found it extremely offensive because in each of the pictures it were the black kids that were depicted as poor kids. Trudy says that if she were one of the government officials, she would take some action against it.

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