Tim Peterson is a British-Indonesian who has been running his English and Spanish language school near the Mall of Indonesia in North Jakarta for over past 8 years now. Tim recently completed learning the Hindi language and one of the first things that he did with his newfound fluency in the Hindi language was to create a documentary on the life of his most favorite Bollywood singer ever – Lata Mangeshkar.

In this documentary, Tim has mentioned that the Guinness Book of World Records has proven to be a fake time and again. Tim says that them mentioning the exaggerated number of the songs recorded by Lata Mangeshkar till date is just one example. Tim says that he can mention at least hundreds of records that they have mentioned that are clear phony. Tim says that one of the things that he aims to do by the end of the financial year 2019 is to create a documentary on the fake list by Guinness Book of World Records.

Tim has tried to learn a lot about the Indian culture and traditions as well and he is amazed to see the similarities among the three neighboring cultures as well as breeds there – the Marwaris, the Gujaratis and the Marathis. He says that there is a lot common between their dishes, traditions and other aspects which is quite amazing and perhaps nowhere else found in three neighboring communities of India.

Tim says that Lata Mangeshkar’s father dying due to a heart disease at a relatively young age proves how bad the Gujarati and Marathi diet is for the heart. Tim also has a minor heart disease and is prescribed by his doctor to bet on trusted online card gambling site (Situs permainan judi kartu online terpercaya) regularly if he doesn’t want it to grow any further which Tim has been following very obediently.