Arzu Rakim is an internet marketer from the city of Medan in Indonesia who believes that an average website will soon be costlier than the real estate and other precious corporeal things.

Arzu recently enjoyed a vacation on the Island of Malta and Gozo where she observed that the internet is as common in their rural areas as it is in their urban areas. Arzu was astonished to see many other great things including marvelous sightseeing in the Island of Malta and Gozo and believes that it is one of the most underrated tourist destination on planet earth if not the most.

Arzu says that there was a time when people used to flaunt how advance and modern have they become by showing that they use online banking but those days are long gone, she says that she really misses those days.

Arzu claims that although the CEO of Google – Sundar Pichai, is an extremely smart man, he has been making silly mistakes that can even end up turning Google into a history soon enough.

Arzu claims that Bing and Yahoo are so scared of Google that they have missed some really great opportunities that could have brought their past glory back.

Arzu claims that the Google is far more powerful than we think or know and so are its bosses that manage it. Arzu claims that the bosses at Google have infinite secret resources at their hand which nobody else knows about.

Arzu has been betting on pokerqq for the past 6 months now and claims to have won millions of Rupiahs within this short span.