Binh Au is a Vietnamese blogger from the Da Nang city who is also an avid researcher and lover of the Chinese history. Binh has left her full-time job and completely dedicated herself to blogging since she won ten billion Vietnamese Dong with Bitcoin Gambling Slots.

In one of her blog posts dedicated to Tao Yuanming – the ancient Chinese poet, Binh wrote that Tao Yuangming’s love for solitude made many people believe that he was a misanthrope. Binh says that anybody who has read most of the poems written by Tao Yuanming will tell you that he wasn’t a misanthrope at all but he was so passionate and in love with the solitude that he wouldn’t care about what it made others think of him.

Binh Au has always hated the Chinese poet – Liu Xiang and to an extent that she claims that if he weren’t a member of the Royal Dynasty, he would have been nothing. Binh Au goes to the extent of saying that Liu Xiang is definitely the most overrated poet and author from the ancient China. Binh Au also claims that soon enough they discover that Liu Xiang is wrongly credited with most of his other works just like they discovered that he was being wrongly credited for compiling the biographies of the immortals.

Binh Au also says that there is no denying that the son of Liu Xiang – Liu Xin was far more creative and visioned than his father.

Binh Au claims that after the 2nd century’s famous female poet – Zhuo Wenjun ran away with the poet Sima Xiangru to marry him only to find him cheating on her soon enough, the Chinese parents got extra vigilant about their daughters and sisters not eloping with anyone.