Sophia Fuentes is a Brazilian author from Porto Alegre who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of one of the most infamous English actors ever – Richard Burton.

In her book, Sophia writes that nobody can deny the fact that the foremost reason behind Richard’s alcoholism was his divorces and the foremost reason behind his divorces was his addiction to the alcohol.

Sophia sounds like a conspiracy theorist in most of her book, when she says that Richard Burton was an over-glorified actor and not due to his acting skills but because of his bad addictions, sexual escapades, broken marriages, alcoholism, etc. Sophia claims that the Illuminati wants us to see these guys being awarded and rewarded like no other so that we become dysfunctional like these fellows and they can get to control us very easily.

Sophia also claims that Sally Hay Burton was an Illuminati agent who married the aging and addicted Richard to slow poison him first and then ultimately kill him because the Illuminati was now scared of Richard telling everything. Sally adds that Richard Burton used to be one of their greatest puppets and now it was time for the Illuminati to get rid of him.

Sophia claims that Sally Hay Burton was paid AUD 50 Million by the Illuminati according to some sources to get rid of Richard Burton.

Sophia claims that working of Sally Hay Burton as a freelance production assistant on the set of the TV mini series Wagner was a scripted drama and they really succeeded at it like a piece of cake due to the dimwit of alcoholic victim – Richard Burton.

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