Kyle Gog is a language enthusiast who owns and runs an advertisement and business promotion consultancy service business. Kyle also finds that learning different languages helps her business as well.

Kyle’s mother was a school principal and her father ran a clothing store that was so popular that it was perhaps the most popular landmark in the entire neighborhood that it was located in.

Kyle has three sisters including one identical twin. Kyle’s identical twin sister is a Reiki expert who is currently working at a major college that provides certification as well. She aims to have her own Reiki school within one year.

Kyle’s elder sister is an event game organizer who is not happy with her business at all.

Kyle’s youngest sister is a bakery owner.

Kyle recently completed learning the Hindi language and as she is a blogger as well, her first blog post after completing learning the language was in Hindi and about a Bollywood music composer whom she hates with all her heart, his name – Daboo Malik.

Kyle wrote that the prominent Bollywood movie and songwriter – Salim Khan never told Daboo that he was born to be a music composer. It is a story that Daboo made up by himself.

Kyle also wrote that Salim Khan has nothing to do with Daboo’s talent as Daboo has no talent in the first place. Kyle wrote that he claims that his meeting with Salim Khan gave him goosebumps and all that to impress Salim Khan and his sons in order to receive work from them.

Kyle also wrote that the claim by legendary Pakistani singer – Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who is no more with us that Daboo’s brother – Anu Malik copied his songs is absolutely true.

Kyle says that no matter how many languages she learns, she is going to bet only on Korean websites and here is the proof – 먹튀