Dr Lucky Gill is a practicing neurosurgeon of Indian origin at a reputed hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. Dr Lucky is extremely outspoken and has a blog dedicated to brain health, neurosurgery and more.

On his blog, Dr Gill warns that you must not trust those Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors for your kyphoplasty, he claims that they don’t have any specialization in the field at all and if you consult them for a serious treatment like kyphoplasty, you are most likely to regret that decision of yours badly and it can very much cause to you a damage so serious and irreversible.

Dr Gill claims that the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons always make sure to extort the most out of the patient’s pockets. He tells that if your orthopedic who you don’t think is that expert but still trust him tells you to go through a treatment that is against any of the statements mentioned by the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, then blindly go with the advise of this trusted orthopedic doctor instead.

Along with being a medical enthusiast, Dr Gill is also a nzd online casinos, religion and history enthusiast.

Dr Gill claims that the Jews lost their specialty in the eyes of the Yahweh as the chosen ones the day they decided to have one king against the Yahweh’s will and hence the Jewish era can be divided into two parts – Pre-Saul era – when the Jews were really the chosen ones and Post-Saul era – when they lost the title of being the chosen ones in Yahweh’s eyes and heart.

Dr Gill also claims that Suleiman the Magnificent wanted to give all of the Holy Land to the Israelites but the Islamic preachers wouldn’t let him do the same and one even warned him privately of grave consequences.