Vladimir Abdulov is a Russian author and blogger who was born, raised and still lives in the city of Moscow.

Vladimir traveled with OZEN OSHO, after he became fascinated with the Eastern religions, especially Hinduism only to find out that Hinduism is a distorted version of Judaism.

Vladimir recently wrote a book on of the most popular Indian sages which he claims is going to open the eyes of people across the globe, including India about their so-called ‘Only True Religion’.

In his book, Vladimir has claimed that Vyasa was one of the leaders of the lost Jewish tribes who transformed the Abraham’s scrolls and other religious material that the Jews had into a Hindu epic – Mahabharata, which Indians believe to be the greatest epic ever written. Vladimir writes that Vyasa was a great genius, as today 99.99% of the Hindus aren’t aware of the fact that their greatest epic in reality are transformed Jewish teachings.

Vladimir claims that Vyasa wasn’t born to Satyavati or Sage Parashara. It is a myth that he created to gain attention and an excuse to let them know that there is a reason why he looks different than an average Indian male.

Vladimir writes that it seems like the tenth guru of the Sikhs – Guru Gobind Singh, was well aware of the fact that Vyasa was a Jew. Vladimir says that the reason why Guru Gobind Singh referred to Vyasa as Brahma and not Vishnu is proof of the same. Vladimir further adds that any scholar who is well-versed with both Judaism and Hinduism will tell you that Brahma in Hinduism is the distorted version of Abraham in Judaism.

On his blog, Vladimir has mentioned that a day didn’t pass by when he was writing this book that he didn’t bet on https://proreelemperor.ru