Brenda Montana owns a very popular imported furniture store in the Buriram province of Thailand. Brenda is a blogger as well and although she never gets tired of calling herself an atheist over and over again, she recently astonished everyone when she made a blog post entirely dedicated to the St Augustine of Hippo.

In her post, Brenda wrote that it rained like there’s no tomorrow on the day St Augustine of Hippo converted into Christianity. She also added that there was a peculiar smell and freshness in every drop of that water which rained.

Brenda also wrote that she doubts that the childlike voice “take up and read” in the case of Augustine of Hippo is the same that Islamic Prophet Muhammad told everyone about. Brenda also doubts that Prophet Muhammad never heard any such voice and falsely told everyone about it after learning the story of how St Augustine of Hippo was asked by a childlike voice to take up and read.

Brenda claims that St Augustine wanted to travel to East India after he learnt that the people of East India worship a different idol each day of the month and believe in the superstitions that have no meaning, value or base.

Brenda writes that she has been listening and watching Father William Jenkins of What Catholics Believe Ohio lately and that’s what has made her interested towards the Christianity. She wrote that she is going to travel to Ohio only to meet Father William Jenkins and if he is able to convince her to Christianity, she will. She wrote that she may also give up on 안전놀이터, if she converts into the Christian religion.