Hasan Molan is an Indonesian businessman who recently started a supplement company with manufacturing and selling DHT blockers. He wants to expand and become the next Vitamin Shoppe.

Hasan is a blogger as well and being a devout Muslim, he has always been fascinated with the ten lost tribes. He recently wrote an analysis about who he thinks are the ten lost tribes of Israel in reality.

Hasan claims that the belief that Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan are the ten lost tribes of Israel is 100% incorrect. Hasan claims that the Pashtuns are an Iranian people who have nothing to do with the Jews except that they believe in the Jewish messiahs/patriarchs since they converted to Islam, which is a continuity of the Judaism.

Hasan writes that Bene Israel that have a population of about 5000 in India at the moment are without a doubt the real Jews but they are not from the ten lost tribes of Israel. Hasan writes that the biggest proof that Bene Israel of India are the real Jews is that the Israeli Rabbinate in 1961 ruled that they are “full Jews in every respect”. Hasan claims that the Bene Israel are Iranian Jews that moved from Iran to India after it was attacked by the Muslim armies.

Hasan writes that Igbo Jews have nothing in common with the real Jews of Israel other than their noses. Hasan writes that neither the history nor the DNA proves that they are the real Jews and they should conduct a large scale DNA test to prove that the Igbo Jews are not one of the lost tribes in order to eradicate another myth that gained a lot of prominence in the year 2015 and that is that blacks are the real Jews.

Hasan ended this post of his by writing “Now, I am off to my favorite hobby that I cannot imagine ending my day without and it is called Judi Bola.”