Joshua Ewing is not a Vietnamese but he owns a Vietnamese restaurant in the Suwon-si city in South Korea.

Joshua claims that nobody cooks crabs like the Vietnamese do.

On his blog, Joshua claims that Pho has become almost as popular as the Ramen worldwide.

Joshua writes that Vietnamese food isn’t limited to the seafood and Ramen. It consists of a great variety.

Joshua writes that most Vietnamese restaurants are pathetic when it comes to serving decent portions but that’s not the case with his restaurant and those Google Places reviewers confirm this well.

Joshua writes that they don’t raise the prices at their restaurant until there’s no other possibility for survival.

Joshua also writes that many people have a misconception that the Vietnamese food costs way too less than most other cuisines, which is far from being the truth. Joshua adds that yes the Vietnamese food at some vans is very cheap but they use the worst ingredients possible to make that food. Joshua writes that healthy, nutritious and hygienic Vietnamese cuisine costs as much if not more than other cuisines.

Joshua writes that some people presume that Vietnamese food is unhealthy just by looking at the stature of the Vietnamese people which is far from truth.

Joshua writes that some Vietnamese restaurants fail abroad because they aren’t as well managed and organized as they ought to be unlike Joshua’s restaurant.

Joshua writes that one of the stupid things that many Vietnamese restaurant owners do is that they recruit employees that can’t speak or understand English properly and the only criteria that they get chosen for is because they have Vietnamese origin. Joshua claims that the Vietnamese restaurant owners recruiting Vietnamese employees that cannot understand the first language of the country that they work in, is responsible for the shut down of most Vietnamese restaurants abroad.

Joshua is a celibate and his most favorite pastime is betting on Toto websites (토토사이트).