Alena Bosan was born to a Washington Times editor mother and an Insurance agent father. Alena’s parents tried their best to brainwash Alena into the Roman Catholic ideology and philosophy from the very beginning but Alena has always been quite rebellious and she always adhered to her own atheistic philosophy.

Alena has a huge respect for great men like Karl Marx and Adam Smith, and she says that she couldn’t have achieved what she already has if it weren’t for these 2 guys. Alena started her career as an Area Manager at an Electronics Manufacturing Company and now after only a matter of 6 years, she is a millionaire. Alena is the owner of a major toilet store that sells sorts of toilets including FRP Mobile Toilets, Mobile Toilets, Fabricated Toilets, Office Toilets, Readymade Labour Toilets, Mobile Sanitation Kits, Portable Toilets, Vintage Toilets, Imported Toilets.

Alena says that all these years, 메이저공원 worked as a financier for Alena’s business ambitions. Alena says that she prays to the mother nature every time she places a bet and she comes up as a winner 7 out of 10 times.
Alena is a conspiracy theorist blogger and vlogger who claims that some Muslim revolutionaries have been planning to build truck mosques all over the world where the worshiper will be able to move from one place to another while reciting his prayers.

Alena claims that India and its intelligence agency RAW planned to destroy the nuclear sites of Pakistan at least thrice in the year 2018 but they failed each time.

Alena claims that she tried her best to learn the Voodoo and Tantric black magic for years but it turned out to be a complete waste of time for her and she would rather have learnt something else instead.